Ice-cream advertisement ban 'really stupid' - Judith Collins

National MP Judith Collins has come out swinging against the ban of an advertisement for ice-cream.

The Streets advert read "Ice-cream makes u happy" and was posted on the side of a Whangarei dairy. 

 But a local resident complained the advert was "extremely irresponsible" given obesity in New Zealand.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld the complaint and has banned the advert.

Collins said the ASA often do really good work - but she drew the line at the ice-cream ban.

"This is a really stupid job and they should leave people alone," she told The AM Show on Friday.

"It is insane, what is wrong with the world? People need to be happy about things," she continued.

She and Labour MP Willie Jackson then debated the political alignments of whoever reported the advert.

"Definitely one of your lot - a greenie type," said Collins. "Not one of ours."

Jackson denied this, saying it was National behaviour through and through.

"It's ridiculous, it's PC gone mad that the National Party have been pushing for," he retorted.

The owner of Streets ice-cream, Unilever Australasia, plans to appeal the decision, reports Fairfax.