National Party live updates: Judith Collins announces reshuffle as Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit

National has announced its reshuffled caucus.

Nikki Kaye and Amy Adams have announced they are retiring, each releasing a statement confirming they won't continue in Parliament past the election. 

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11:50am - Jacinda Ardern has wished Nikki Kaye well. 

"While I won't speculate on some of those electoral contests, today is the day that someone I know very well has chosen to resign and I just want to acknowledge her contribution to Parliament. She has been a very experienced member I have enjoyed working with and I wish her all the best.

"Ultimately, someone with a lot of experience has retired today in Nikki and I do want to wish her all the best as someone I know personally."

11:40am - Nikki Kaye, the former deputy National leader, is leaving politics. So what has she achieved and what is she known for? This article details everything you need to know.

11:30am - The Taxpayers' Union has thanked both Nikki Kaye and Amy Adams for their service. 

"Despite having spent over 15 years in Parliament, Ms Kaye is still young. We expect her famous work ethic and energy will see her succeed in whatever career path she chooses after."

It is "confident" Adams will "succeed in her post-Parliamentary career, whether it is in law, finance or something completely new".

11:15am - Collins says she has been really "buoyed" by support given to her from colleagues, former MPs, and former leaders.

"I was quite surprised with a few... John was very, very positive."

11:10am - In case you missed it, here's Nikki Kaye's full statement.

11am - Kiwis can expect a major announcement on Friday, Collins says.

Collins spoke to Muller on Wednesday and said he sounded "pretty good". He is "very happy" with his Trade portfolio and she describes him as a "stand out person".

Collins "feels very much" for Hamish Walker, who stood down last week.

"I feel very strongly that we need to give Hamish his privacy and I am sure that he is coping. The issue is no MP going through this sort of difficulty needs for me to be talking about them, other than that they are human beings who are going through tough times. Clearly, anybody in that situation would be going through a tough time."

She won't push for him to return to the House.

10:50am - She believes her caucus is a "winning team".

"My hardest issue with this was who didn't get into the shadow-Cabinet. I had so many choices. It is such a wealth of talent and at least I don't have the problem that Jacinda Ardern's got."

There are just two female MPs in Collins' front bench. Kaye and Adams were on the frontbench before announcing they were leaving.

"I have never been someone who feels that we have to appoint people on the basis of gender. I don't think I have ever been appointed on the basis of gender."

Brownlee continues to be campaign chair. She doesn't expect any changes in the Leader of the Opposition office.

Regarding leaks on Wednesday from National: "If someone can't put their name to it, why would I take any notice of them?"

10:40am - Two Māori MPs, Simon Bridges and Dr Shane Reti are in the top 5.

"Everyone here is promoted on their talent, their work effort and what they bring to our team."

She said she is not giving into pressure over the lack of diversity in Muller's frontbench.

Collins has given the COVID-19 Border Response to Gerry Brownlee because he "knows how to get stuff done".

10:30am - Collins is very clear Amy Adams decided not to retire to allow her "to help Todd Muller in his role".

"Todd now has a new role and I am perfectly fine doing what I am doing."

Collins says the deputy leadership took a big toll on Kaye. She believes Kaye was an "outstanding" Education Minister.

She had positions for Adams and Kaye before their resignations. Collins wouldn't say what "senior position" Adams was offered.

Asked about several of Collins' close friends in caucus being promoted, she said she had talented friends.

"There are a lot of people who are my friends you will see have not been promoted in huge degrees, but there may be people who have been overlooked in the past by others."

Collins believes the Justice portfolio is "better suited" to Bridges, rather than Mitchell. She isn't penalising him for running against her for the leadership role. 

"I have put together a list of people with their various talents, what I believe what they can add value in and that is what I have done.

"I have done that, unlike Jacinda Ardern, I have done it in one night."

10:25am - Collins says she spoke to every National MP on Wednesday night about the reshuffle.

"It was quite a long night". 

Muller is going "to have a couple of weeks off from the House" and Collins says he is "very, very happy" with the Trade portfolio.

Collins says she "has long been of the view" that Bridges should have Justice and he has always wanted Foreign Affairs.

"I am absolutely certain he will play a very powerful role in the incoming National-led Government."

Kaye recommended "incredibly hard worker" Willis for Education.

Dr Nick Smith has the most "tenacity" she has seen ever in politics "bar my own". 

10:20am - If you want to compare Thursday's rankings to the rankings after Muller came to power, check out this article from May.

10:10am - Some of the key points:

  • Gerry Brownlee has the COVID-19 Border Response role
  • Simon Bridges has Foreign Affairs and Justice at four
  • Dr Shane Reti in top five
  • Chris Bishop in top 10 as shadow Leader of the House
  • Todd Muller has Trade in top 10
  • David Bennett heads to number 11
  • Nicola Willis takes Education
  • Housing and Urban Development goes to Jacqui Dean
  • Mark Mitchell falls out of top 10 and loses Justice
  • Dr Nick Smith back in the shadow-Cabinet
  • Harete Hipango takes shadow Attorney-General


National's new top 10:

Judith Collins, Gerry Brownlee, Paul Goldsmith, Simon Bridges, Shane Reti, Todd McClay, Chris Bishop, Todd Muller, Louise Upston, Scott Simpson.

"I'm particularly pleased that Simon Bridges and Todd Muller, as former leaders of the National Party, have accepted my invitation to take up senior roles on my front bench," Collins said.

Nicola Willis takes Education from Kaye, who is leaving Parliament.

"Chris Bishop will be taking on the extra role of Shadow Leader of the House on the front bench. He has been a standout performer in Parliament and as the MP for Hutt South. I have full confidence that he is up to this demanding role.

"Dr Shane Reti has proven himself already as Associate Health spokesperson. As a senior medical practitioner, he is the right choice at this time to hold the Government to account in the demanding health portfolio. Dr Reti takes the position of number five on the front bench of the National Party."

Muller is going to have some time off, and is taking the Trade portfolio.

Here is the full list:

National Party live updates: Judith Collins announces reshuffle as Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit
National Party live updates: Judith Collins announces reshuffle as Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit
National Party live updates: Judith Collins announces reshuffle as Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit
National Party live updates: Judith Collins announces reshuffle as Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit
National Party live updates: Judith Collins announces reshuffle as Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit

9:55am - We are now awaiting National Party leader Judith Collins. You can watch the announcement above or here.

9:50am - New story here from Newshub's Political Editor Tova O'Brien.

It is about the handling of a press release by Michael Woodhouse last week. 

"Kaye confirmed to Newshub health spokesman Michael Woodhouse did have a press statement ready to go last Tuesday about receiving private COVID-19 patient details and concedes, 'it probably could have gone out earlier'."

9:45am - If you are just joining us and need to get up to speed, here is an overview of the dramatic events of Thursday morning

9:40am - Act Party leader David Seymour has released a statement on Kaye's decision, saying he is "astonished". They worked together in implementing the charter school programme and on End of Life Choice.

"As Under-Secretary and Minister, we worked closely to develop and expand charter schools. Nikki was a very good Minister to work with on a cutting edge area of policy.

"Nikki was a door-knocker with tremendous tenacity, winning her seat twice against Jacinda Ardern, and always on the doorstep serving her constituents."

9:35am - It's important to remember these changes and announcements are all being made two months out from a general election. Collins has said she doesn't want to "chop and change" too many MPs' roles before the election. She's already taken Michael Woodhouse out of health and put Dr Shane Reti into it. 

While we wait on Collins' announcement, here's a refresher on everything to know about voting this September.

9:30am - Following her announcement, Kaye was on The AM Show to explain the decision

"I think the time is right for me personally... I think with breast cancer, I've always looked at life a bit differently. I've had an amazing opportunity in Parliament, but also to serve the public, and now the time is right for me to go."

Judith Collins became leader on Tuesday night. Kaye says she backs Collins.

"I want people to absolutely know that I will be campaigning for both Judith and the National Party at this election. It was a very hard decision from that perspective - I worry about the seat of Auckland Central, I really hope it can be retained by National so I will be on the phones campaigning for Judith and the National Party."

9:25am - One of those who may benefit from Kaye's resignation is Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick, who wants to be the Auckland Central MP. She had this message for Kaye after news of resignation emerged. 

"All the best to Nikki Kaye in whatever she decides to set her mind to next. Talking to community across Auckland Central, it’s clear she’s been a hard-working local MP. Nothing can ever be taken for granted in politics, and leaving on one’s own terms is a powerful decision."

9:20am - Judith Collins has responded to the resignations. 

"Nikki and Amy have both made incredible contributions at very senior levels with consistent dedication to their work and to their constituencies."

9:15am -  It has been a chaotic morning in politics. The shock announcement of Nikki Kaye came early, followed by Amy Adams, who was leaving the party before she was convinced to come back under Todd Muller.

We will have the latest from National when Judith Collins makes an announcement about her caucus reshuffle at 10am.