Judith Collins comes face-to-face with supporter who tattooed her on his leg

Judith Collins has come face-to-face with the adoring fan who got her face tattooed on his leg, saying she was "extremely flattered" by the ink.

Collins was campaigning in Matamata on Wednesday when she met for coffee with Nik Given. Given recently made headlines for the tattoo of Collins on his leg, stylised as a Bond Girl holding a gun.

The tattoo also uses her nickname "Crusher Collins" and the New Zealand flag as a background. 

Given's tattoo
Given's tattoo Photo credit: Facebook/Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio.

Given was wearing long pants so the National leader didn't get a chance to see his ink in the flesh, but she said she was flattered nonetheless.

"I particularly liked the golden gun - if you're going to have a gun might as well have a gold one," she said.

"Every Bond girl should have a gold gun, " Given replied.

He says the tattoo design took "three to four hours of design work before he sat and got tattooed for six hours.

"They don't give you pain relief? An epidural or something?" joked Collins.

"Nah, nah took a couple of whiskeys to get me through it though," Given replied.

He says if he was to get another tattoo of an MP he would consider getting ACT leader David Seymour on his other leg.