Election 2023: Incoming PM Christopher Luxon says it's 'our intention' to have meeting with David Seymour and Winston Peters

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says it's his "intention" to have a combined meeting with ACT leader David Seymour and New Zealand First counterpart Winston Peters but wouldn't give a timeframe for it.   

It comes as coalition negotiations continue after the final election results were revealed on Friday, showing National and ACT can't govern alone. Together, those two parties have just 59 seats, when they need 62 to form a government. That means the two parties will need New Zealand First to govern.  

The three parties will need to negotiate to come to some sort of governing arrangement, but Luxon has refused to give a deadline for how long those discussions could take.    

Luxon appeared on AM on Monday morning and gave an update on how coalition negotiations are progressing.   

He told AM co-host Ryan Bridge negotiations are moving "pretty quickly" and intends to have a combined meeting with Seymour and Peters soon.   

"Look, at this stage, we've got to accelerate and crack on with the arrangements and the conversations that we need to have this week, but yes, that's our intention is all to come together at some point," he said.  

Since election night, Luxon has consistently said he has been trying to build relationships with the other parties. On AM, he confirmed that's been about having individual meetings with ACT and NZ First, rather than a combined meeting. 

"It's really been me talking with the teams and the leaders from each of those respective parties and making sure we can understand what each other needs in a government so that we actually can make sure we form a strong and stable government," he told AM.  

"What's common in those conversations is there's very strong alignment around rebuilding the economy, restoring law and order, delivering better health and education, the things that we all campaigned on, the means by which we deliver those things may be slightly different and yes, there'll be some trade-offs that will be needed from all three parties."   

The interview then moved to what National's trade-offs would be in the negotiations, with Bridge grilling Luxon on his party's tax policy.   

Luxon previously said he wouldn't alter any aspects of National tax policy and stood by those comments when questioned on AM.  

When pressed if it would be "in the form you proposed pre-election", Luxon said, "I pretty much think so".  

"We're very clear that we can deliver it because as I said, we've raised revenue, we've got cost savings coming from other wasteful spending," Luxon said.   

When asked if "any of those things will change" Luxon said, "I can't see it happening".  

When pressed if ACT or NZ First wanted to adjust parts of National's tax policy like the foreign buyers policy, Luxon batted away the question saying, "not getting into that whatsoever".  

"Those are conversations we want to be able to have with goodwill, good faith with each party and it's progressing well," he said.  

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.
Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon. Photo credit: AM

Reports have emerged that a draft coalition agreement was being drawn up between National and Seymour over the weekend.   

When quizzed on this, Luxon again batted away the question and gave nothing away. 

"I'm just not going to get into any of it. What we've got is some good conversations that have happened with both parties. I think we're making good progress, there is good intention."  

Election day was 23 days ago and special votes were released on Friday afternoon but still, Luxon couldn't confirm on AM when National, ACT and NZ First will meet together.  

When asked if that is a "failure", Luxon said he disagreed.   

"I think the reality is it took us three weeks in this country to count our votes, a fifth of our votes were uncounted until Friday afternoon... but we have clarity now that we didn't have before Friday at 2pm," he said.   

"I think that's a different issue that we should be asking some questions as to why does it take so long to get special votes counted in this country... but we are moving pretty quickly through this and as I said, the momentum is good and positive. We've got to close out and crack on and have a big week this week." 

Watch the full interview with Christopher Luxon in the video above.