Election 2023: Still no update on coalition talks as Christopher Luxon, Winston Peters attend Diwali celebrations

Saturday was day one of coalition talks, but so far there's been more dancing than talking.

That's despite two of the key players being just metres apart at Diwali celebrations in Auckland.

The election campaign has long finished, but Christopher Luxon just can't stop campaigning.

The National Party leader surged from selfie to selfie at Auckland's Diwali Festival.

"This lady named her son after me two years ago," Luxon said.

A good omen perhaps? Certainly a chance to dwell on the themes of Diwali - like prosperity and triumph.

"That's really what we're all striving for is to make New Zealand a much better country, a more prosperous country," he said.

Because Luxon doesn't have much of an update for Kiwis yet on the Government he's forming with David Seymour and Winston Peters.

"As I said, there's no timeframe on that, it'll take as long as it takes," he said.

And while Luxon was appearing to enjoy the brief holiday from negotiations, there is no show without NZ First leader Winston Peters.

"The Right Honourable Winston Peters is here, it's good to see you here too sir," Luxon said.

Peters chatted happily with National MP Melissa Lee but had no time for media.

"I'm telling you take it away," he told reporters.

One wonders if the dance going on behind closed doors between Luxon and his coalition partners is as lively and colourful as Diwali.

Because from the outside it doesn't seem as coordinated as some - certainly ACT - may like.

"We've met one party. We haven't met the other one yet," ACT leader David Seymour said.

It was reported today that Luxon called Peters just two minutes after the special votes were announced.

Seymour won't say if he got a call from the potential new boss before that.

Seymour though still looking to wield what power he has - not ruling out sitting on the crossbenches.

"That is still a logical possibility. We reserve the right to represent our voters," he told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

National lost two electorates on the special votes but it's eyeing up recounts where the margins are tight.

"Mt Albert, certainly looking at Nelson. I think the Labour Party has indicated the four-vote margin in Tamaki Makaurau, they will probably do a recount there. If I was there I would," said National Party campaign chair Chris Bishop.

Though the candidate holding that tightest of margins - just four votes -  is confident.

"Look we only need one. If we think about the World Cup and the Springboks - and four votes is a landslide," said  Te Pāti Māori candidate Takutai Tarsh Kemp.

But any recounts won't change the fortunes of Peters. Little wonder Luxon is relishing moments with the public because coming face to face with who gets what Ministerial post is a bit tougher than this.

And FYI for David Seymour, if your future coalition partner isn't answering your calls it might not be an accident.