Election 2023: Winston Peters plans on meeting David Seymour face-to-face

Winston Peters has sent a message to David Seymour - don't bother calling, let's meet face-to-face.

A coalition Government is expected to be formed in the coming days with New Zealand First and ACT key players.

At the launch of his party's Port Waikato byelection campaign, Peters said Seymour may have attempted to text him but he assumed it was a prank.

Winston Peters was with his people in Port Waikato on Sunday, launching his list MP Casey Costello's campaign.

But when it came to the elephant in the room, the coalition talks, he was his usual enigmatic self.

"If it's about the coalition talks, you're going to get absolute silence," he told media.

But silence may soon cease between the three parties in charge.

"You know that I'm a people person, I'd rather see somebody in person rather than do it over the phone so to speak," Peters said.

Last week, ACT Leader David Seymour reached out to Peters, who reportedly didn't respond.

"I can tell you the truth on that, the communication came without any identification and I'll explain it to him when I do see him," Peters said.

Peters claimed he got fake calls all day and all night after the election.

"I thought this one was fake and I didn't answer it," Peters said.

"Well, it's the same number I've had for many years and the text message ended with 'David Seymour', so I think that's pretty clear," Seymour responded.

"If you're going to be in Government together for three years you're probably going to have to meet in a room at some point."

Peters said he has a plan and will meet with his caucus, then "take it further elsewhere".

Coalition talks finally grinding into gear.