Vegan activists protest outside Fonterra headquarters

Vegan activists have demonstrated outside Fonterra's Auckland headquarters, calling on the dairy giant to "tell the truth".

Members of Animal Rebellion, a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion, stood outside the Fonterra building on Fanshawe St holding placards on Monday.

Video sent to Newshub shows security guards making a protester move backwards as they stand in front of the building's main entrance.

Protesters also sang to passersby, telling them to turn away from dairy and move towards plant-based living.

"Dairy is not necessary, we know we have the proof, so tell them all the truth."

They scrawled in chalk on the ground those interested should look up videos about the "scary" dairy industry on YouTube.

The group said in a media release it believes it's possible for New Zealand's agriculture industry to pivot away from dairy.

"We believe we all need to work together to take advantage of these opportunities and to ensure the protection of the planet, the animals and our future. 

"We call on the Government to support our agriculture organisations to make this plant-based, vegan future happen and we will not stop until we achieve this vision; for the animals, for the planet and for our people."

It's the third time vegan protests have taken place within a month, after two separate protest incidents inside supermarkets in Auckland and Hamilton.

Some of the protesters who took part in the Animal Rebellion event on Monday were also part of the supermarket protests.

Newshub has contacted Fonterra for comment.