'Miracle calf' born in Australia with extra leg

Many hope that the calf may be a good sign of rain to come.
Many hope that the calf may be a good sign of rain to come. Photo credit: Facebook/Melissa Culverson

A drought-ravaged Australian farmer has shared images of a five-legged calf, hoping it is a sign of better times ahead.

Melissa Culverson posted the photos of the calf to the community page 'One Day Closer to Rain'.

The calf, which also has a head deformity, has the extra leg growing from the side of its body.

Culverson described the month-old calf as her "drought miracle calf" which could bring good luck for the farming community coping with drought.

Fellow farmers on the Facebook page suggested that a genetic disorder Developmental Duplication may be responsible. 

"[It's] a recessive genetic trait seen most commonly in Angus cattle," said one.

Many also said the extra leg was due to a partially-absorbed twin.

However another offered hope that the calf may be a sign of rain to come.

"I've seen one in India, they're holy to them with extra leg is more special [sic]."

"We were hoping it means good luck," replied Culverson.

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