Live updates: America's Cup World Series, Day 3 - Luna Rossa v Team UK, Team NZ v American Magic, Team UK v American Magic, Luna Rossa v Team NZ

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Luna Rossa v Team NZ

Team NZ win by 16s

Finish - Team NZ take it! The final margin is 16 seconds.

Phew! That was heartstopping stuff!

That result now gives Team NZ the world series title and top seeding for tomorrow's Christmas Cup event.

Even in the light winds today, racing was exciting, with minimising mistakes the key to success. If this is an indication of what's ahead, the Amercia's Cup should be enthralling.

Second lap - Race management has shortend this race to just four legs, so this is the penultimate leg upwind.

Team NZ have fallen off the foils during a tack and the Italians have closed to 50m.

Both boats tack left at the boundary and head to the centre of the course. Team NZ seem to be inching further ahead, but still nothing in it.

They tack back towards the right - NZ stay up this time and that could be the difference from here in these light winds.

Italy split left, NZ eventually tack to cover, but they've lost ground.

Team NZ tack at the left boundary, while Italy are way out right. They have the lead back, but lose it as they lay for the gate.

The Kiwis round 18 seconds clear and head left, while Luna Rossa split right. Team NZ follow.

When Luna Rossa tack left, they cross 200m behind - NZ seem to have control of this race now.

Unconvincing jibe from Team NZ and they lose some ground. They cross ahead again, but less than 200m.

Both boats laying for the line now - it's a sprint race.

First lap - Luna Rossa have already built a 200m lead and head down the right of the course, shadowed by Team NZ.

Both bear back towards the centre of the course - NZ seem to have better speed upwind. 

Team NZ split left, while Luna Rossa continue to the right layline before turning.

Italy lay for the gate, 240m clear. The margin is 32 seconds at the turn and Team NZ barely squeeze past the mark, losing speed in the process.

NZ have fallen off their foils and Luna Rossa are just racing away. That's a major blue by the Kiwis and they're basically out of contention now.

But now the Italians have fallen off too - who can get airborne first?

New Zealand seem to be making ground here and are now back on the foil, but heading straight across the course.

The deficit was 800m, but now down to 400m.

Team NZ will take the lead here, because Luna Rossa are now heading across the course. The Kiwis are now flying away.

Now NZ are stretching their advantage beyond 500m and Luna Rossa are back on their foils. Both are travelling about 30 knots, but the Kiwis have strayed beyond the left layline.

Italy have been penalised for crossing the boundary, as Team NZ round the gate 40s ahead.

Start - Both boats sail left across the line and the Italians force NZ to the far left of the line, before turning at the last minute.

Advantage Luna Rossa.

6:13pm - If Team NZ win this, they will take the world series honours. Lose and we face a threeway tie, with no tiebreaker rule.

Team UK v American Magic

American Magic win

Finish - American Magic take victory, more than 2km ahead. All eyes now turn to the Team NZ v Luna Rossa race to decide the world series regatta.

The Brits are struggling to make the finish-line. They have sailed off the course, away from the mark and seem like they've just run up the white flag.

Time to head home to port.

Third lap - American Magic fall off their foils during a tack and are struggling to get airborne again.

Team UK are actually making up ground here, but haven't rounded the bottom mark yet.

The Americans are back up again, but the lead is down to 1.2km. The Brits are sailing across the course to the left layline, so quickly lose ground again.

Team UK now round the mark more than five minutes back.

Second lap - Team UK turn 1m 15s behind and head upwind. Both boats travelling at 26-27 knots.

American Magic cross the boundary and must slow down - the penalty is cleared almost immediately. Replays show the infringement was marginal, with just the underwater foil and back of the water nudging the border. 

Magic have rounded the top mark with more than a kilometre in hand. Team UK are off their foils again and the margin quickly stretches to 1.5km.

The Brits round the mark 3m 29s back and the onwater margin is now 2km.

Soon afterwards, American Magic round the bottom gate and head upwind on the final leg. Way down the course, Team UK is penalised for a boundary infraction.

First lap - Sure enough, Team UK lead briefly, but fall of their foils and quickly fall 200m behind. Their penalty is well and truly served.

This race has been shortened to five legs, so another upwind finish.

Striaghtline boat speed is not Team UK's problem, but when they try to turn, everything turns to custard.

American Magic arrive at the top mark ahead and head downwind. Team UK are already a minute behind.

Both boats are travelling about 34-36 knots downwind. American Magic arrive at the bottom mark 700m ahead.

Start - Team UK will have port entry for this race, but they're early, so a penalty straight away.

The Brits also fall of their foils, so they are already in big trouble before the start. Their penalty will be served once they fall two boat lengths behind the Americans.

They cross the line together, but Team UK are reminded of their penalty. Ainslie replies: "That penalty will come off soon enough."

5:23pm - Although NZ now have four wins and one loss, this regatta could still finish in the threeway tie, if American Magic beat Team UK and Luna Rossa top the Kiwis in the final race.

So still plenty to sail for...

Team NZ v American Magic

Team NZ win by 1m 19s

Finish - Team NZ cross the line to take victory, pulling clear of American Magic on the world series points table.

They immediately sail off to prepare for their final race against Luna Rossa. Dean Barker brings American Magic home 1m 19s behind and they must immediately prepare for Team UK in the next race.

Team NZ reached a top speed of 38 knots in that race, with light winds.

Third lap - Magic round 56 seconds behind, losing only a couple more seconds downwind. Team NZ have already tacked to the right side of the course, where the wind seems better.

Speeds are just over 30 knots into the wind for Team NZ, just under for the Americans.

Team NZ hit the left layline for the top gate and round about 600m ahead. American Magic take the same line, but are now 1m 4s back, as they head downwind.

The Kiwis are more than 1km ahead now and just need to stay out of trouble.

Second lap - Team NZ split left, American Magic right - they seem determined to work opposite sides of the course.

Magic cross about 100m ahead in the centre of the course, but continue out of phase.

Team NZ are heading left, as American Magic arrive at the left bounday and tack back towards centre.

Team NZ cross ahead in the centre of the course and protest against the Americans' close proximity. The Kiwis now lead and both boats lay towards the top gate.

Team NZ turn the left gate and American Magic seem to head directly across the course, losing big ground. They will now round 54 seconds behind.

The Kiwis have extended their lead to 500m and now appear to have this race under control. You could hear the furstration in Dean Barker's voice aboard Magic.

NZ arrive at the bottom gate about 600m ahead and head down the left side of the course upwind.

First lap - NZ look to cross behind their rivals, but American Magic tack to cover them.

The Kiwis bear away to the left, USA continue right to the boundary.

Both boats tack back towards the middle of the course, but NZ drop into the water, slowing them down. They cross 100m behind.

American Magic round the top gate first, with Team NZ 12 secconds behind.

The Kiwis head right downwind, the Americans left. The margin is falling.

This will be a six-leg race and the Kiwis have crossed to the left of the course, almost 200m behind.

Both boats are laying for the bottom gate from different tacks.

Call that a tie - NZ are actually three seconds behind, but had their noses in front briefly.

Start - Wind has dropped to 9 knots. Team NZ have port entry to the start box and are quite late, but the Americans are even later.

Team NZ almost collided with a marshall boat - they turn back towards the line now. They're sailing along the line and barely make the left side of the start-line.

American Magic have a slight advantage out to the right.

4:50pm - This race could decide the world series winners, so an early acid test for the America's Cup defenders.

Luna Rossa v Team UK

Luna Rossa win

Finish - The Brits have been penalised again, as Luna Rossa cross the finish line.

That gives Italy three wins and two losses, they will tie for second with whoever lose the next race between Team NZ and American Magic, now timed to start at 4:55pm.

Race management have reminded Luna Rossa the race is over and they should get off the course, so they can start the next race.

Third lap - With the reduction from six legs to five, this will be only half a lap.

Team UK are not foiling, so they're basically becalmed. To make matters worse, they seem to have been penalised for staying outside the boundary.

Second lap - Team UK still haven't arrived at the gate and crossed back to the left layline, almost as if they lost steerage.

They finally arrive 2m 19s behind.

The course has been shortened from six legs to five, finishing upwind.

Luna Rossa are now well over 1km ahead. Similar speeds - about 29 knots upwind.

The Italians round the top gate now and turn up the right layline. They are 2km ahead and Team UK just seem to be zig-zagging across the course, very inefficiently.

This seems like a regression for Team UK, who are crawling around the top mark, almost a full lenge of the course behind now.

Luna Rossa have actually rounded the bottom mark and now head downwind to the finish.

First lap - Despite the delays, races will still be over three laps.

Luna Rossa get their noses in front and Team UK tack underneath, looking for the right side of the course. The Italians cover and their lead is already more than 100m.

Both boats now heading left, with Luna Rossa covering their rivals.

UK tack at the left boundary and head right, Luna Rossa follow, 250m ahead.

Luna Rossa arrive at the top gate and round to the right, Team UK follow 30s behind.

Luna Rossa tack left, but Team UK continue along the right layline a little longer. They are already 500m behind and well out of it.

Both boats travelling about 33-34 knots downwind.

Luna Rossa tack towards the bottom gate and round right, about 500m clear.

Team UK have crossed to the right layline and splashed down. They had already lost a lot of time, but this won't help them.

Start - Both boats are now approaching the start box, remember Luna Rossa has port entry and they're right on time.

Luna Rossa has sailed well to the right of the start-line with plenty of time remaining, Team UK heading in the same direction.

Both heading to the line, but the Italians are early and have to sail along the line. Advantage Team UK.

4:07pm - Start time now moved back to 4:20pm.

3:53pm - Sorry, now due to start at 4:10pm.

3:39pm - Well, the revised start time has arrived and the spectator fleet has moved to the centre of the course, so we'll be a while yet.

We've just heard 4pm start scheduled.

3:25pm - Another delay until 3:40pm. Some confusion about which course is being used - some suggestions are it's actually Course A, but it seems more like Course B, just turned slightly with the wind.

Race management is trying to clear spectator craft that set up along the original boundary, but are now sitting in the course.

3:23pm - Team UK have informed race management that they have lost onboard data and will race "blind" in terms of course boundaries and marks.

Sounds like they may need to revert to what they might have done 20 years ago before computers became part of sailing... 

3:13pm - Further delays in racing, which will now begin at 3:30pm. Both crews are just chilling out on the water, with the Italians due to enter the start box first from port.

3:04pm - You'd expect Luna Rossa to handle the Brits in this one, but Team UK showed 1000 percent improvement yesterday, after failing to finish on Thursday.

Can they possibly continue that improvement arc?

OK, despite previous notifications, racing will be on Course B, off the East Coast Bays, between Devonport and Takapuna.

Best vantage points are Cheltenham Beach, Narrow Neck Beach, North Head, Geroge Gair Lookout and Mount Victoria.

The change in course will delay start times - Luna Rossa v Team UK was due to begin about now, but will instead start in 10 minutes.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Day Three of the America's Cup World Series, sailing on Auckland's Waitematā Harbour and Hauraki Gulf.

After two days, Team NZ and American Magic are locked together atop the competition table with three wins-one loss each. Luna Rossa sit just behind on two-two, with Team UK yet to chalk up a win, but at least getting around the course now.

Today, the teams will complete for overall world series honouts, with final placings counting towards seedings for tomorrow's Christmas Cup semi-finals and final.

Saturday's schedule is:

Luna Rossa v Team UK (15:12)

Team NZ v American Magic (15:50)

Team UK v American Magic (16:40)

Luna Rossa v Team NZ (17:20)

The Americans inflicted Team NZ's only loss on opening day, so the Kiwis will want to put that right, especially against former skipper Dean Barker in his own backyard.

They made uncharacteristic mistakes in two outings against the British yesterday and will have to be smoother, if they hope to vanquish American Magic and Luna Rossa today.

Those two challengers split their series on Friday and seem entirely capable of upsetting the Cup holders, if they are off their pace.

Weather conditions are forecast to provide a northerly wind of 9-13 knots.

For the the third straight day, racing will take place on Course C, between North Head and Bastion Point. Other prime vantage points from land include Orakei and Mount Victoria.

Team NZ are still favourites for overall honours this weekend.

TAB: Team NZ $1.40, American Magic $4, Luna Rossa $6, Team UK $31


Team NZ keep America's Cup World Series chances alive

Team NZ have kept their America's Cup World Series hopes alive, but received a rude awakening from their British rivals in the process.

After their surprise loss to American Magic on opening day on the Waitematā Harbour, the Kiwis needed to sweep Team UK in both their encounters to keep pace with their opposition in the regatta standings.

Adding spice to the showdown, Team UK skipper Sir Ben Ainslie had pointed an accusing finger at the Cup holders over the foil system that had malfunctioned for the British, leaving them becalmed on Day One.

When the war of words turned to the water, Team NZ helmsman Peter Burling handled Ainslie easily at the start of their first encounter and pulled away unchallenged.

They made a couple of slip-ups, almost colliding with the top mark after the first leg and falling off their foils in spectaculor fasion at the end of the fourth leg, losing a few seconds in the process, but the home team recovered well to extend their lead to 1m 32s by the end.  

Team UK & Team NZ do battle at the America's Cup World Series
Team UK & Team NZ do battle at the America's Cup World Series. Photo credit: Photosport

Their second race was a different different affair.

Entering the start box first, Ainslie forced Team NZ off the favoured end of the line and the Kiwis fell of their foils again, falling well behind on the opening upwind leg.

They were still 12 second behind at the top mark, but showed their downwind speed by snatching the lead by the second gate and eventually extending out to a 1m 42 victory.

"We obviously learnt a lot in those couple of races," says Burling. "We definitely didn't sail as clean as we did in that first one yesterday, but it's good to be out here and run through all the systems.

"I think we showed again that the boat is definitely fast enough in that last one, so we're happy enough"

The British could also take heart from their performances, after their calamitous opening efforts, and may yet give the other challengers something to think about on Saturday.

American Magic and Luna Ross split their two matches - the US produced the first really scary moment of the campaign, almost toppling over, but stayed upright to match the Kiwis on three wins-one loss atop the table.