Live updates: New Zealand Sevens - day two from Hamilton

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NZ are awared a penalty just inside Argentina's 10m with the hooter already gone! They go left, NZ put the grubber kick ahead for Rush, he wins the race and looks to have scored! We're going to the TMO, and it looks as if he's knocked on and that's the ruling! Heartbreaking for NZ, as Argentina come back to stun the All Blacks. Argentina 14-12.


Argentina showing great patience, not forcing the pass, before a cutout pass finds speedster Moneta and he cuts back inside and scores the try. Conversion is good and Argentina lead! Argentina 14-7.

11min - Molio is penalised for being offside and Argentina will go to their set-piece to launch their next attack. They will have a lineout just outside the 22m. NZ 12-7.


Both teams start the half with knock ons, before Argentina's Alvarez shows great strength to hold off Dickson and reach out to score his team's first try. NZ 12-7.


7min - NZ TRY - SOLO

NZ win the scrum from an Argentina knock on. Solo gets the ball and backs himself against his opposite, takes the outside and rides the sideline to dot down! NZ 12-0.


Ware's replacement Solo shows tremendous feet to beat several players, before offloading to a surging Rokolisoa and he just holds off the cover defender to score the game's first try! NZ 5-0.


Argentina finding space with NZ falling off a couple of tackles. They switch left and look certain to score, but Weber collects his opposite right across the jaw and he could be in trouble! He's been shown a yellow! He's quite lucky it's not red by looks of the replay.

1min - NZ win their own kickoff and look to ignite an attack. Ware has a crack and is taken in an awkward tackle, before the ABs knock on in the midfield. Ware is hurt and is limping off. 

7:56pm - Time for the anthems! Argentina first up after what's been an incredible tournament for the South Americans. 

7:51pm - An emphatic victory for the Black Ferns Sevens. Can the All Blacks Sevens match their efforts? We'll find out very shortly, stay tuned!

NZ 33  USA 7


NZ not done yet! They pressure USA right from the kick-off, win the ball back and just one pass later Woodman-Wickcliffe is over in the right corner. And that's fulltime! NZ win gold at Hamilton! NZ 33-7

14min - NZ TRY - BLYDE

Blyde has a hat-trick! That will seal it. NZ just put it through the hands, before an offload finds an unmarked Blyde and she strolls over for another try. NZ 28-7.

13min - USA forcing NZ back on their own tryline, before a clever offload springs Miller free and she's away! She puts the kick ahead with cover defence closing in, but she knocks on as she attempted to ground the ball. So close! NZ 21-7.

11min - USA TRY - EMBA

USA finally score their first try! Emba gets the offload, stretches her long legs, stepping out of a of tackle before sprinting to score underneath the goal posts. NZ 21-7.

9min - NZ TRY - BLYDE

Felix-Hotham runs across field before linking up with Blyde on her inside, and she brushes off one before sprinting 50 metres to grab her second try of the final. NZ 21-0.


7+1min - USA do well do win the turnover, but NZ get around the American player to hold her up and force the scrum and that's halftime. NZ 14-0.

7min - USA finally get their hands on the ball and find some success up the middle. NZ doing well to hold on to some big charges, before they force the knock on from the offload. NZ 14-0.


NZ keeping it simple, going out wide, before giving it to Felix-Hotham on the cut back, and she shrugs off one tackle before racing away underneath the goal posts to score. NZ 14-0.

3min - NZ looking to go short with the kickoffs and force the knock on. Miller's pass is called forward, before the USA knock on again. NZ 7-0.

1min - NZ TRY - BLYDE

Miller rips the ball away from from a USA player, before the Black Ferns quickly move left to Blyde, she cuts back inside, puts the big fend on and she's over for the try! NZ 7-0.

7:22pm - Black Ferns, USA about to take the field. Who will claim the gold medal?? NZ haven't been troubled at all this weekend - can the Americans cause the upset??

7:19pm - USA hold off a French fightback to win 15-14 and clinch the men's bronze medal. Black Ferns up next againt USA for the women's gold! Stay tuned.

7pm - Now for the men's bronze! Frace will play USA, before both NZ sides contest the finals.

6:58pm - Australia far too good for Ireland, winning 33-17 to claim the women's bronze.

6:36pm - Australia and Ireland about to take the field to battle it out for the women's bronze.

6:17pm - Great Britain hold on to beat Japan 14-10 to finish fifth in the women's draw.

5:55pm - Australia down Ireland 26-17 to finish fifth at Hamilton in the men's draw.

5:26pm - France too strong for Fiji, winning 34-5 in the women's seventh-place playoff.

4:54pm - Samoa finish ninth this weekend with a comfortable 26-5 victory over Kenya.

4:23pm - Spain score after the fulltime siren to edge Brazil 17-12 in the women's ninth-place playoff match-up.

4pm - Spain score two late tries to beat Canada 24-14 in the men's 13th place playoff

3:32pm - Argentina stun USA to book their spot in the final, where they will play the All Blacks Sevens for the Hamilton title.

3:13pm - USA and Argentina about to battle it out to see who will play the All Blacks Sevens in the final!



NZ take the quick-tap from the 5m, fires it out wide quickly and Rokolosia gathers in the bouncing ball to score his second and that's fulltime! NZ 38-0.

14 min - NZ TRY - SOLO

With acres of space ahead of them with France's entire team committed to the scrum, Solo puts a kick ahead and has the easiest of put downs to further extend the lead. NZ 31-0.

13min - France are now down to just five players with two sent to the bin for a couple of late tackles. Molio was right in the thick of it but escapes any punishment.

11min - NZ win another penalty, as France are pinged for a late tackle. NZ's defence has been incredibly impressive, which sets up another attacking lineout on the 10m.


NZ in again right after the break! Dickson wins another breakdown turnover, Rokolisoa attacks Weber's pass at serious pace, busting through two tackles and he's over! NZ 26-0.


7min - France have a scrum from NZ's failed restart but the Kiwis do well to pressure the halfback and force the error to bring up halftime. NZ 21-0.

6min - NZ TRY - CARTER

France keeping things tight, but Dickson gets over the ball and wins the turnover. NZ look to counter, passing quickly, Carter picks up a loose ball, cuts back and runs in underneath the sticks to extend the lead. NZ 21-0.

4min - NZ TRY - WARE

Weber runs across field, committing several French defenders, before finding Ware on his outside, who cuts back in, steps out of a tackle and he scampers in for another try. NZ 14-0.

3min - NZ really fronting up well to the big French team, with Molia and Collier matching it at the breakdown to force the error and win the scrum. NZ 7-0.

1min - NZ TRY - CARTER

The All Blacks Sevens need just 15 seconds to open the deadlock with Carter taking the outside and racing away to dot down. What a start! NZ 7-0.

2:45pm - Australia have stunned Fiji 26-19 to book their spot in the men's fifth place, where they will take on Ireland.

All Blacks Sevens up next! France standing between them and the final.

2:26pm - Ireland have beaten South Africa 21-14 to reach the men's fifth-place final and that should be enough to put the All Blacks Sevens on top of the world series table, regardless of their upcoming semi against France.

Fiji are currently playing Australia for the other spot in that fifth final. 

NZ 32 Ireland 0

1:59pm - TRY to Blyde

Ireland secure the kickoff, but Hirini is over the breakdown for a penalty and when the ball comes left, Blyde shrugs off the defence to score, NZ 32-0 

That's fulltime and New Zealand will meet USA in the final, timed for 7:26pm.

1:57pm -TRY to Woodman-Wickiffe

NZ put in a big push at a scrum, but Ireland win it and kick ahead, although the ball bounces into touch. NZ win their lineout and when the ball comes back left, Woodman fends off the last defender to score, NZ 27-0

 1:54pm - TRY to Blyde

NZ win a penalty in midfield and call the scrum. When the ball shifts left, Blyde finds a little space down the sideline and that's all she needs, NZ 22-0 

1:52pm - TRY to Waaka-Fluhler

Fluhler wins the kickoff and NZ mount an attack. Miller keeps the ball alive in midfield and Waaka-Fluhler is down the right touchline to score in the corner, NZ 17-0

1:49pm - With time up in the half, Mulhall hacks ahead for the chase, but Blyde is quickly back to cover the danger and kick to touch for halftime.

1:47pm - TRY to Miller

Mulhall spills the ball from the scrum and from the NZ put-in, Miller looms out left for her second try of the game, NZ 12-0

1:46pm - From a breakdown, Miller pounces on a loose ball and and Fluhler is away towards the tryline, but called back for knock-on.

1:44pm - Fluhler wins the kickoff, but a loose pass from Willison is snaffled by Ireland.

1:42pm - TRY to Miller

Black Ferns spread the ball right and Miller ghosts through a gap out wide to open the scoring, NZ 5-0

1:38pm - Less than a minute remaining and Emba has a try disallowed, but USA have a penalty for offside. Australia defend their line and force a knock-on - they have to go length of the field to win.

They try to break out of their 22, but there's a knock-on and USA into the final with a 10-7 win.  Next up, NZ v Ireland...

1:32pm - USA lead Australia 10-7 at halftime, with another upset looming. The Americans have had to overcome two yellow cards through the first half.

1:22pm - Women's semi-finals have just begun, with Australia taking on USA, then NZ v Ireland...

1:17pm - Spain will join Brazil in the ninth-place playoff, after accounting for Canada 7-0. Not a good tournament for the Canadians.

Spain have also beaten Japan 21-17 to reach the men's 13th playoffs.

1pm - With the quarter-finals out of the way, other teams are playing for the minor placings with Brazil into the women's ninth-placing match, after beating Papua New Guinea 41-7.

Among the men, Canada edged Uruguay 21-17 to reach the 13th playoff.

NZ 10 Ireland 5

12:25pm - McGarvey-Black kicks off flat and bounces it into touch, but Ireland have a lineout after the siren, but lose the ball. Webber hoofs the ball into touch and the home side are into the semis, where they'll face France.

12:24pm - TRY to Rush

Back to full complement, McGarvey-Black runs a flat line right and finds Rush straightening the attack, dummying outside and finding the gap to score, NZ 10-5

12:23pm - NZ win another penalty and McGarvey-Black milks a few more seconds for Collier to rejoin play.

12:20pm - Ireland have the ball, but Dickson is over the top of a breakdown to win a crucial penalty to tick off a few more seconds without Collier.

12:19pm - Collie earns a yellow card at the breakdown on halfway, so NZ will have to defend a man short for a couple of minutes - that could prove costly.

12:17pm - NZ mount a promising attack down the right, but Dickson has the ball knocked from his grasp at the breakdown for a knock-on.

12:13pm - After the halftime siren, Ireland win a penalty and kick for territory, but Dickson gets up to disrupt their lineout and the ball bounces into touch to end the half.

12:08pm - TRY to Dickson

Rokolisoa runs out of passing options in midfield and cracks the defence instead, firing a pass to Collier, who finds Dickson steaming up in support to get the Kiwis on the board, 5-5

12:05pm - TRY to O'Sullivan

Ireland control the kickoff and when the ball shifts left, O'Sullivan shrugs off a tackle deep in his own half and runs down the sideline to score the opening try, IRE 5-0

12:03pm - And yet another kind-of upset, with USA toppling reigning series champions Australia 28-14 and they will now meet Argentina in the semis.

Next up, NZ v Ireland...

11:43am - Another upset in the men's quarter-finals, as Argentina account for Fiji 19-5 and move into a semi-final against either USA or Australia, which is up next. This hasn't been a happy series for the Fijians, who have not won any of the three tournaments so far and failed to make the quarter-finals at Dubai.

11:18am - After ousting series leaders Samoa yesterday, France have sprung another major surprise, toppling Dubai winners South Africa 22-17 to book a spot in the men's semis against the winners of NZ v Ireland.

Next up, Fiji v Argentina...

11am - France now take on South Africa in the men's quarter-finals...

NZ 43 Japan 12

10:57am - TRY to Woodman-Wickliffe

NZ kick off as the final siren sounds and Woodman-Wickliffe bumps off two tacklers and fends off another to score, NZ 43-12

That's fulltime, with the Black Ferns Sevens booking their spot in the semis against Ireland.

Women's semi-finals

1:20pm - Australia v USA

1:42pm - Ireland v NZ

10:55am - TRY to Kaka

Japan enjoy a good period of attack, but turn the ball over in the NZ 22, where Fitzpatrick relays the ball to Kaka for her hat-trick, NZ 36-12

10:53am - TRY to Pouri-Lane

NZ ring the changes and the ball shifts right, where Pouri-Lane has too much pace for her second try and converts from the sideline, NZ 31-12

10:52am - TRY to Hara

Japan win the kickoff and a midfield penalty in their own half. From the tap, Hara spots the gap and sprints away for their second try, NZ 24-10

10:50am - TRY to Kaka

Japan win the ball from the kickoff, but lose the ball, as they mount an attack down the right. Miller recovers and finds Kaka, who runs 50 metres to score, NZ 24-5

10:49am - NZ lead 19-5 at halftime

10:47am - TRY to Kaka

Willison throws a long pass out left, Blyde can't take it cleanly, but it bobbles into the arms of Kaka, who has too much pace down the touchline, NZ 19-5

10:45am - Miller is back on the field and dances in midfield for the second try under the posts, NZ 14-5 

10:43am - TRY to Hirano

From the scrum, Hirano darts into space and takes advantage of the numbers advantage, NZ 7-5

10:42am - Japan spread the ball wide, but Kaka makes good ground to drag down Hara short of the corner. Japan scrum feed though.

10:41am - NZ are down to six players, as Miller knocks the ball down in a tackle and it's deemed deliberate. Here's a chance for Japan...

10:39am - Try to Pouri-Lane

NZ make a mistake from the kickoff to gift Japan an early opportunity, but from the scrum, Blyde turns the ball over and gives Pouri-Lane a length-of-the-field run to open the scoring, NZ 7-0

10:37am - Ireland overwhelm France 24-7, with Beibhinn Parsons scoring a try double, to book a semi-final meeting with either NZ or Japan, up next on the main field.

10:12am - USA have clinched a semi-final meeting against Australia, with a 27-7 win over Fiji. They maintained their record of not conceding first-half points all weekend, with the Fijians scoring a consolation try towards the end.

Next up, on the main field, France take on Ireland. 

On the outside field, Samoa men have completed a 24-19 win over Spain, while Japan are currently facing Great Britain. 

9:47am - World series champions and leaders Australia have proved way too strong for Great Britain, overrunning their rivals 38-0, with Charlotte Caslick scoring a try double. They will now face the winners of USA v Fji, which is the next match up on the main field.

On the other field, Kenya have beaten Canada 21-5 in the men's ninth-place quarterfinal, while series leaders Samoa - who have failed to reach the last eight here - take on Spain.

9:30am - Good morning from Hamilton, where the weather seems ideal for the second day of action from the NZ Sevens.

First up, Australia v Great Britain in the first women's quarter-final.


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the NZ Sevens at Hamilton - the final edition of this tournament, before World Rugby introduces its "re-imagined" world series next year.

After 23 years on the international scene, New Zealand will become a casualty of a smaller tournament calendar focused on inconic locations around the world - but not Hamilton.

The All Blacks Sevens and Black Ferns Sevens are defending champions at their home tournament, which was last contested in 2020, before COVID-19 struck, so they're determined to do their families and fans proud.

Both teams emerged from pool play unbeaten and atop their groups, but now face the knockout stages, where one mistake will prove costly.

The NZ men take on Ireland, who finished runners-up to USA on points difference in their pool, after the two teams battled out a 14-14 draw. The Irish sit ninth on the world series standings, after finishing runners-up to South Africa at Dubai last month.

The winners will face either Fiji or Argentina in the semis.

Before then, the NZ women face Japan, who created some history on Saturday, with a 17-7 victory over Canada that propelled them into the final eight for the first time, as one of the best third-placed teams. The winners will crossover against either France or Ireland in the semis.

The quarter-finals draw looks like this:


9:30am - Australia v Great Britain

9:52am - USA v Fiji

10:14am - France v Ireland

10:36am - NZ v Japan


10:58am - South Africa v France

11:20am - Fiji v Argentina

11:42am - USA v Australia

12:04pm - NZ v Ireland


TAB Odds

Men: NZ $3, Fiji $3.75, South Africa $5.50, Australia $7, Argentina $10

Women: NZ $1.75, Australia $2, Fiji $10, USA $10, France $21


All Blacks Sevens: Brady Rush, Sione Molia, McGarvey-Black, Roderick Solo, Amanaki Nicole, Che Clarke, Leroy Carter, Regan Ware, Akuila Rokolisoa, Dylan Collier, Dam Dickson, Joe Webber, Moses Leo

Black Ferns Sevens: Sarah Hirini, Stacey Waaka-Fluhler, Jorja Miller, Michaela Blyde, Tyla Nathan-Wong, Tenika Willison, Jasmin Felix-Hotham, Shiray Kaka, Portia Woodman-Wickliffe, Niall Guthrie, Theresa Fitzpatrick, Risi Pouri-Lane

Join us at 9:30am for kickoff.