Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Reds v Hurricanes at Townsville's Queensland Country Bank Stadium

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Reds 13 Hurricanes 47

Reds - Petaia try; Lynagh 2 penalties & conversion

Hurricanes - Proctor, Booth, J Savea, Lomax & Roigard tries; penalty try; Barrett 3 penalties & 3 conversions


40th minute - TRY to Lomax

Hurricanes have penalty advantage, but Barrett is writhing in agony on the ground.

Play continues, Moorby is dragged down short of the tryline, but Lomax to take the next run and score. Barrett hobbles to the sideline and Morgan takes the conversion, hooking it left, HUR 47-13

That's a big first-up win for the Hurricanes and bragging rights for the Kiwis in the trans-Tasman rivalry.

39th minute - Hurricanes win a lineout penalty and Barrett kicks long to the Reds 22. Walker-Leawere wins the lineout and Barrett surges into the 22.

38th minute - Reds win the lineout and maul to the tryline, where McReight has his hands on the ball to score. Gardiner checks for possible obstruction and finds it for the second time tonight.

37th minute - Uru wins the lineout, but Lomax emerges with the ball and Hurricanes are penalised for crossing the lineout.

36th minute - Barrett makes a big tackle in midfield, but Reds surge towards halfway. They win a penalty inside Hurricanes half and Lynagh finds touch inside the 22.

35th minute - Hurricanes win a lineout, but the throw isn't straight. Reds choose scrum.

32nd minute - TRY to J Savea

Reds with a lineout in their own half, but they spill a pass again and Hurricanes shift right, where Aumua surges towards the line and finds Julian Savea to dive over in the corner. Barrett misses his first kick of the night, HUR 42-13

30th minute - TRY to Booth

Hurricanes win a turnover and shift left, where Barrett puts Rayasi into space. He finds Proctor with a clever backhand pass and Booth looms inside for the final pass.

Barrett converts, HUR 37-13

29th minute - Hurricanes building phases and Aumua almost breaks through, but the Reds turn the ball over.

28th minute - Hurricanes win a turnover inside Reds half.

27th minute - Iose wins the lineout and Savea surges towards halfway.

26th minute - Reds win an attacking lineout and surge towards the tryline. Ravai is turned back by the Hurricanes defence and the Reds are penalised.

Barrett clears towards the Hurricanes 10. 

25th minute - Reds have another penalty advantage in midfield, Hurricanes half, and Gardiner yellow-cards Kirifi, so Hurricanes are shorthanded.

24th minute - Reds win a penalty on halfway, when Iose refuses to release the ball.

23rd minute - Reds win the lineout and Henry runs powerfully, but loses the ball in the tackle.

22nd minute - Reds win a penalty, but Barrett is down and winded. Lynagh finds touch inside the Hurricanes 10.

21st minute - Barrett finds touch near the Reds 10. Savea wins the lineout and Hurricanes shift right.

20th minute - Du'Plessi Kirifi replaces Lakai. Hurricanes to feed a scrum in midfield and win a penalty.

19th minute - Barrett kicks out and Reds try to build an attack, but lose the slippery ball. So does Lakai... what a mess!

18th minute - Procter storms over halfway and kicks ahead, but Daugunu has it covered and Reds counterattack, with Flook kicking behind the Hurricanes goal-line for a dropout.

17th minute - Reds win a penalty and find touch on the Hurricanes 10. From the lineout, Henry dashes into a gap into the 22, but Reds lose the ball and Hurricanes counterattack.

16th minute - Reds on attack outside the Hurricanes 22, but stolen and cleared to Daugunu.

14th minute - TRY to Roigard

Hurricanes win a lineout near halfway and Barrett finds Rayasi with a clever backflick. Aumua picks up the ball from a breakdown and finds Roigard running on his shoulder to score near the posts.

Barrett converts, HUR 30-13

13th minute - Reds win a free-kick at the scrum. Lynagh clears towards halfway.

12th minute - Hurricanes win the lineout and rumble forward, but lose control of the ball again. Another chance squandered.

11th minute - Barrett kicks into the 22 for a lineout, Reds are still shorthanded.

10th minute - Humidity has made the ball slippery, adding to the high error rate.

Hurricanes scrum wins a tighthead and a penalty advantage. They shift right, but a touch pass from Rayasi misses his teammates and floates into touch.

They come back for the penalty.

Ninth minute - Walker Leawere wins the lineout and Aumua surges into the Reds half, but there's another knockon.

Eighth minute - Smith wins the lineout, but this time, Hurricanes win the penalty for Reds obstruction. Barrett clears towards halfway.

Seventh minute - Reds kick to the corner for a lineout, which they win. Reds knockon, but Gardiner has a double blast on the whistle and warns Savea about his team collapsing the maul twice in succession.

Sixth minute - Lynagh kicks off and Wilson molests Rayasi into touch for a Reds lineout. They win the throw and quick hands down the right puts the hooker over in the corner.

TWMO finds a foward pass in the build-up, so no try, but there was tackle off the ball by Blackwell, so Reds have a penalty. 

Fourth minute - PENALTY TRY

Aumua is on for Coles and throws to the attacking lineout. Blackwell wins the ball and Hurricanes surge to the tryline.

Reds bring the maul down and Gardiner awards a penalty try, sending Uru to the sinbin, as Smith returns.

Third minute - Moorby is grovelling, after a big hit from Paisami. Gardiner rules the tackle was away from the ball and Barrett kicks for touch.

Second minute - Big scrum from the Hurricanes and they win a penalty.

First minute - Tyrel Lomax has come off the bench and into the Hurricanes front row, as Lynagh kicks off the second half.

Reds are penalised at a lineout for closing the gap and Hurricanes opt for a scrum.


40th minute - Hurricanes surge towards the tryline, as the halftime siren sounds, but he replays the ball in his efforts to find support and is penalised. Reds find touch and head to the changingroom to regroup.

39th minute - Savea passes off the back of the scrum and Moorby drops it, but Hurricanes have another scrum penalty and Barrett finds touch near the Reds 10.

38th minute - Hurricanes win a scrum free-kick and want another scrum.

37th minute - Reds have a scrum feed between the Hurricanes 22 and 10. Wilson peels off the back, but McDermott drops his pass cold.

34th minute - Daugunu loses the ball inside Hurricanes 22 and Hurricanes counterattack. They win a penalty and Ryan Smith is yellow-carded for impeding Barrett on a kick and chase.

Barrett lines up another handy kick at goal and gives the Hurricanes their first lead, HUR 16-13

31st minute - TRY to Proctor

Hurricanes can't seem to hang onto the ball, but they eventually bobble it right, where Barrett and Flanders put Proctor into space to score. Barrett converts 13-13

30th minute - Moorby fields a clearing kick in his own half and runs it back to Reds territory.

28th minute - TRY to Petaia

Reds surge into Hurricanes 22 and win penalty advantage. Lynagh kicks across the field, where Paisami wins the contest, and Petaia picks and goes to score in the corner.

27th minute - Blackwell spills the kickoff off his knees, but Moorby covers a kick on the other side of the field and clears.

26th minute - Barrett lines up another shot at goal from midfield and 30 metres out, and slots it 6-6

25th minute - Hurricanes are penalised for closing the lineout gap and Reds tap quickly, but they lose the ball, and Hurricanes kick downfield and win a penalty.

24th minute - Moorby is smashed in a tackle by Daugunu, but Hurricanes recover and clear. Moorby has to chase a bouncing ball behind his own goal-line and clears.

23rd minute - McDermott kicks out on the full and Hurricanes have a lineout in Reds half. They win the throw and pour towards the 22, but they knock on again.

22nd minute - Reds knockon inside Hurricanes half, but Barrett throws a pass over the touchline, with two teammates looming outside him.

21st minute - Barrett slots the goal from just inside halfway, RED 6-3

20th minute - Savea wins the lineout and the ball shifts quickly right, where Hurricanes win a penalty in midfield for not relasing in the tackle. Barrett wants a kick at goal, but he's under time duress...

19th minute - Rayasi fields a kick and runs across the field, winning a penalty in the process for a high tackle. Barrett finds touch on the Reds 10.

18th minute - From the scrum, McDermott finds touch on the Hurricanes 10. Hurricanes win the lineout and Barrett kicks over the defensive line.

17th minute - Roigard releases the ball to the backs, but Proctor spills a pass in midfield.

16th minute - Barrett kicks to touch inside the Reds 22. Coles throws to the lineout and finds Savea at the front.

15th minute - Hurricanes win a scrum penalty in Reds half, but the ball shifts right and Savea finds Lakai with an offload. Referee Gardiner comes back for the penalty.

14th minute - Barrett runs deep into the 22, but a loose pass sets the Hurricanes back several metres. McReight grabs the loose ball and McDermott kicks for a 50-22, but it bounces long.

13th minute - McDermott puts up a high kick, Moorby spills it, but Barrett dives on it to cover the threat. Ardie Savea bursts up centrefield into the 22.

11th minute - Reds scrum on the Hurricanes 10 and they win a penalty for hands at the ruck. Lynagh kicks for goal again and makes no mistake, RED 6-0

10th minute - Big run from Wilson down the left touchline, but the ball goes loose and Hurricanes recover. Rayasi drops the ball down the right - very untidy start from both sides in the hot conditions.

Eighth minute - Reds throw long to the lineout and Hurricanes cover it, surging into Reds half, but the move breaks down.

Seventh minute - From the scrum, Hurricanes shift left and Rayasi runs deep into Reds half. Barrett kicks across the field, but Daugunu claims the mark, despite a late hit by Coles.

Sixth minute - Reds win a lineout, but knock on near the Hurricanes 10.

Fifth mintue - Reds have penalty advantage in their own half and will find touch near the 22.

Fourth minute - Morgan's kick off finds the field of play this time and Hurricanes get the ball back on their own side of halfway.

Third minute - Lynagh lines up a shot at goal and slots it, RED 3-0

Second minute - Hurricanes break up the attack and steal the ball from the breakdown, but Reds win a penalty in kicking range.

First minute - Morgan kicks off for the Hurricanes and finds touch on the full. Big early mistake from the youngster.

From the scrum on halfway, Reds go onto the attack...


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Reds and Hurricanes at Townsville's Queensland Country Bank Stadium. 

One of the underlying plotlines in Super Rugby over the years has been the trans-Tasman rivalry that, at times, has been barely competitive. Last season, the Aussies showed vast improvement over the previous year's COVID-affected format, when they managed only two wins from 25 games. 

Last year, the Hurricanes overcame the Queensland side 30-17, en route to the quarter-finals, where they fell to the Brumbies. The Reds also reached the post-season, succumbing to the eventual champion Crusaders at the same stage.

This match should give us a gauge on what to expect from the Aussies this year. 

Hurricanes kick off their season without halfback TJ Perenara, injured on the All Blacks' end-of-year tour, and Jordie Barrett in the midfield.

The Reds have a famous Wallabies name at first-five, with Tom Lynagh - youngest son of World Cup-winning hero Michael Lynagh - making his Super Rugby debut.

TAB Odds: Hurricanes $1.42, Reds $3, draw $21

Reds: 1-Dane Zander, 2-Matt Faessler, 3-Zane Nonggorr, 4-Ryan Smith, 5-Lopeti Faifua, 6-Seru Uru, 7-Fraser McReight, 8-Harry Wilson, 9-Tate McDermott, 10-Tom Lynagh, 11-Filipo Daugunu, 12-Isaac Henry, 13-Hunter Paisami, 14-Josh Flook, 15-Jordan Petaia

Reserves: 16-Richie Asiata, 17-Sef Fa’agase, 18-Peni Ravai, 19-Jake Upfield, 20-Connor Anderson, 21-Kalani Thomas, 22-Lawson Creighton, 23-Taj Annan

Hurricanes: 1-Xavier Numia, 2-Dane Coles, 3-Owen Franks, 4-James Blackwell, 5-Isaia Walker-Leawere, 6-Devan Flanders, 7-Peter Lakai, 8-Ardie Savea (capt), 9-Cameron Roigard, 10-Aidan Morgan, 11-Salesi Rayasi, 12-Jordie Barrett, 13-Billy Proctor, 14-Julian Savea, 15-Josh Moorby 

Reserves: 16-Asafo Aumua, 17-Tevita Mafileo, 18-Tyrel Lomax, 19-Caleb Delany, 20-Du’Plessis Kirifi, 21-Brayden Iose, 22-Jamie Booth, 23-Harry Godfrey