Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Crusaders v ACT Brumbies at Christchurch's Orangetheory Stadium

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Crusaders 35 Brumbies 17

Crusaders - Fainga'anuku 2, Ennor, Lio-Willie & Taylor tries; Mo'unga 5 conversions

Brumbies - Ryan Lonergan & Toole tries; Lonergan penalty & 2 conversions


40th minute - From the kickoff, Crusaders control the ball and keep it in hand, as the final seconds tick down. The siren sounds and Burke kicks to touch to end the game.

Gutsy win by an understrength outfit over another understrength outfit.

38th minute - TRY to Lio-Willie

Crusaders win the lineout and the forwards keep the ball in hand again. Burke ginds a gap and is brought down short, but Lio-Willie is there to take the next pass and score.

That's the bonus point. Mo'unga is on target tonight, CRU 35-15

37th minute - Brumbies are defending well and Burke knocks on, so Debreczeni clears towards their 22.

36th minute - Crusaders win a lineout and McAlister roars into the 22. Forwards are building phases near the posts.

34th minute - Crusaders penalised at the scrum and then try to charge down the touchfinder, but they're offside. Brumbies win a lineout near halfway, but spill the ball in a tackle.

32nd minute - Mo'unga kicks to the corner, Crusaders win the lineout, but crab across the field in the maul. Brumbies keep them up and win the turnover.

31st minute - Crusaders under a bit of pressure now. Mo'unga kicks off and Brumbies are penalised just outside their 22.

30th minute - TRY to Toole

From the scrum on halfway, Brumbies charge towards the 22 and a long pass finds the winger tearing down the left touchline to score. Lonergan slots the conversion, CRU 28-17

29th minute - Havili charges off the back of the scrum, Crusaders burst upfield, but the offload from Gardner goes loose and foward.

27th minute - Brumbies win the lineout inside Crusaders 22, but they knock on in the delivery, so Crusaders have a defensive scrum feed.

26th minute - Lonergan puts a long kick downfield, but Burke breaks to halfway. Crusaders are penalised for a side entry.

25th minute - Crusaders win the lineout, but Brumbies have the measure of their maul. Havili drives a couple of metres and then the loose forward is driven over by his forwards.

It's initially given as a try, but replays show a double movement by Lio-Willie, so he's penalised.

23rd minute - Crusaders eventually win a scrum penalty and Mo'unga kicks to the corner.

22nd minute - Brumbies disrupt another Crusaders lineout, but they knock on, so Crusaders scrum outside the 22.

21st minute - McAlister's first throw is stolen by the Brumbies, but Crusaders win a breakdown penalty acrossfield.

20th minute - From the kickoff, Crusaders win a penalty outside their 22 and Mo'unga finds touch near halfway.

18th minute - TRY to Fainga'anuku

Almost a carbon copy of his first try, with Taylor taking the ball from the lineout and finding his powerful winger, who bust through several tackles on his way to the line. Mo'unga slots his conversion from out wide, CRU 28-10

17th minute - Lio-Willie with another lienout win and Crusaders have a penalty for not rolling away. Mo'unga kicks to touch inside the 22.

16th minute - Lio-Willie wins the lineout and Crusaders maul, but Brumbies have held them up. Lonergan kicks downfield.

15th minute - Crusaders have penalty advantage and they just can't enter the 22. Eventually, Pickerill brings them back and Mo'unga kicks to the corner.

14th minute - Crusaders win another lineout - barely - and the forwards rumble into the 22. They shift right and Fainga'anuku is powerful in midfield.

13th minute - Barrett wins the lineout, but Brumbies steal the ball and Lonergan kicks for touch on the full from outside the 22.

12th minute - Brumbies scrum holds and Lonergan clears beyond his 22. Gaulter runs on for his Crusaders debut.

11th minute - Crusaders try to bust out of their half and Patafilo makes ground down the right. Mo'unga breaks and Calder rumbles towards the posts, but knocks on in the tackle.

10th minute - Crusaders bring on Calder at prop and Heinz at halfback. From the kickoff, Lonergan kicks long to the Crusaders 10 and Brumbies steal the lineout.

Eighth minute - TRY to Ryan Lonergan

From the scrum, Lonergan looks right, where Tua is charging towards the posts. More goal-line defence, but the Crusaders can't hold out forever, as the halfback darts over.

Seventh minute - No way through for the Brumbies and Pickerill eventually awards an attacking scrum.

Sixth minute - Alaalatoa comes on for the Brumbies front row, but Longergan needs attention, before he can throw to this lineout.

Brumbies win the lineout unopposed and maul across the field. More goal-line defence from the Crusaders.

Fifth minute - Good goal-line defence from the Crusaders and eventually Toole is dragged into touch, and Pickerill brings them back for the penalty. Lolesio kicks to the corner...

Fourth minute - Brumbies inside the Crusaders 22 and building phases. They have an offside penalty advantantage in front of the posts.

Third minute - Brumbies win a lineout on the Crusaders 10, but they lose the ball and Drummond hacks downfield.

O'Donnell counterattacks down the right...

Second minute - Moody pops up again in midfield and Crusaders enter the Brumbies 22. Mo'unga spills another pass backwards and is penalised at the ruck.

First minute - Blackadder won't be back with a calf injury. Mo'unga kicks off low into the wind.

Lonergan's high kick goes straight up and Crusaders snap up the loose ball. Moody rumbles forwards and they shift right.


43rd minute - TRY to Taylor

Gardner wins the lineout and Crusaders maul towards the tryline, the backs join in and Taylor emerges from the back with the ball. Mo'unga slots the conversion, CRU 21-3

42nd minute - Brumbies continue to build phases in midfield, but Crusaders steal the ball and break upfield. Mo'unga tries to kick ahead and Crusaders have a penalty inside the 22.

Mo'unga kicks to the corner.

40th minute - Lolesio kicks to the corner, as a train goes past, fooling everyone into thinking halftime has arrived.

Brumbies win the lineout and are mauled backwards. Lonergan rolls clear and shot of the line, but the Brumbies are held up just as the hooter sounds.

Pickerill says play on, with Mo'unga kicking long from the goal-line dropout.

39th minute - Toole makes a halfbreak, but Brumbies lose the offload and Pickerill brings them back for the penalty.

38th minute - From the scrum, Tua makes a half break into the 22. Brumbies surge towards the tryline and they have a penalty advantage.

37th minute - Blackadder leaves for a head injury check, so Lio-Willie is on the side of the scrum. Brumbies try to run from the scrum, but Ennor disrupts the move with a tackle that knocks the ball backwards.

36th minute - Ennor tries to run from his own goal-line, but he's dumped in a tackle. Crusaders are back quickly and clear to the 22.

Brumbies win a lineout and Pickerill awards a scrum feed outside the 22.

35th minute - Fainga'anuku fields a high kick and Crusaders break out of their half through Taylor. They lose ground in midfield, so Mo'unga tries a kick, but the Brumbies gather and kick to the goal-line.

34th minute - Inaccuracies from the Crusaders are preventing them building on this lead with a big wind at their backs. From the scrum, Lolesio tries to break clear, but finds no way through.

33rd minute - Mo'unga fields the dropout and Crusaders build phases outside the 22, but Gardner loses the ball forward in a tackle.

32nd minute - Taylor taps the penalty and lunges at the tryline, then Christie, but he's held up for a goal-line dropout.

31st minute - From the lineout, Taylor and the Blackadder rumble towards the tryline, and Brumbies are offside again. Pickerill issues a warning to Lonergan.

30th minute - Crusaders win a lineout and Fainga'anuku busts up centrefield. They have penalty advantage and eventually Pickerill brings them back for offside.

Mo'unga kicks to the corner.

29th minute - Brumbies scrum feed in their own 22, but they're shunted backwards and Crusaders steal the ball. They shift left, but a pass goes astry and Brumbies clear towards halfway.

27th minute - Havili goes quickly off the back of the scrum, but Mo'unga spills his pass, ruled a knockon.

26th minute - Crusaders roll towards the tryline and quick hands eventually find MacLeod near the left touchline. Brumbies eventually intercept an untidy pass, but Pickerill brings them back for a penalty in front of the posts.

Crusaders call for a scrum.

25th minute - Blackadder wins the lineout and Fainga'anuku peels around the back.

24th minute - Another Brumbies scrum just outside the Crusaders 22. Big push from the Crusaders wins a penalty and Mo'unga finds touch near the Brumbies 22.

22nd minute - From the scrum, Cale breaks left, but the ball is lost forward. Muirhead fields a clearing kick and Brumbies regroup outside the 22.

21st minute - From the kickoff, Drummond kicks from his 22. Brumbies win a lineout, but it's messy.

Burke can't handle a box kick in the wind, so Brumbies scrum midway Crusaders 22 and 10.

18th minute - TRY to Ennor

Brumbies throw long to a lineout on the Crusaders 10, but they can't secure it and Crusaders break out. Patafilo kicks ahead, and Ennor gathers the ball on the tryline and rolls over to force.

Mo'unga converts, CRU 14-3

17th minute - Crusaders throw to the lineout goes astray and Brumbies try to break out of their own half. Blackadder smashes Lonergan in a blindside tackle, but Fainga'anuku is penalised at the breakdown and Lolesio kicks for touch.

15th minute - From the lineout on Crusaders 10, the Brumbies shift left, where O'Donnell makes a midfield break into the 22. Crusaders win a clearing penalty, when Taylor is over the ruck.

14th minute - Long goal-line dropout carries into Brumbies half, but they win a penalty at the ruck and Lolesio kicks for touch.

13th minute - Brumbies win the lineout and Tua busts towards the tryline. Blackadder wins the loose ball, but knocks on in the process, so Brumbies scrum feed about eight metres out.

Lonergan breaks from the scrum and Lolesio tries a crosskick to his winger, but the kick is too hard and O'Donnell can't catch up.

12th minute - Crusaders win a lineout, but McLeod is penalised in the breakdown and Lolesio kicks into the 22 for an attacking lineout.

11th minute - Eventually, Mo'unga kicks with the aid of a strong wind, deep into Brumbies 22, and it's cleared to halfway.

10th minute - From the scrum, Tua busts into midfield and Brumbies enter the 22, but are held up in a maul. Crusaders steal the ball metres from their own line and try to break out of their 22.

Ninth minute - From the kickoff, Crusaders try to break out of their half, but Mo'unga drops the ball and regathers, but is eventually called back for the knock on. Brumbies scrum on the Crusaders 22.

Sixth minute - TRY to Fainga'anuku

Conservative kick from Mo'unga, but Christie wins the throw, Taylor runs around the back of the lineout and finds Fainga'anuku, who powers past the last defender. Too easy.

Mo'unga converts, CRU 7-3

Fifth minute - Brumbies knock on near their 10, so first scrum of the game will be a Crusaders feed on halfway. Crusaders win a scrum penalty and Mo'unga kicks to the corner...

Fourth minute - From the kickoff, Lonergan pumps a huge box kick into Crusaders half, but Ennor breaks back over halfway.

Third minute - Lonergan slots the kick for an early lead, BRU 3-0

Second minute - Brumbies win a penalty just outside the 22 and Lonergan will kick for goal...

First minute - Brendon Pickerill will referee his 50th Super Rugby match tonight and Lolesio kicks off for the Brumbies.

Brumbies win a lineout inside Crusaders half, but Mo'unga easily handles a high kick into the 22.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Crusaders and ACT Brumbies at Christchurch's Orangetheory Stadium.

In a case of the irresistible force versus the immovable object, the six-time defending Super Rugby champions come up against their oldest trans-Tasman foes, currently unbeaten just below the top of the competition table on bonus points.

In the early 200s, the Aussies contested four finals - three of them against the Crusaders - for two titles.

The Brumbies have already accounted for last year's beaten finalists, the Blues, but will arrived in the South Island with a line-up hit by Wallabies rest-and-rotation absences.

After sitting most of his stars two weeks back in a shock road loss to Fijian Drua, Crusaders coach Scott Robertson - fresh from his appointment as next All Blacks coach - now faces a plague of injury concerns, including talismanic lock Sam Whitelock, midfielders David Havili and Jack Goodhue, and wingers Sevu Reece and Will Jordan.

The champions bounced back from their Fijian defeat with victory over the Blues and now have a chance to string together some results against the second-stringers.

Join us at 7pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: Crusaders $1.09, Brumbies $6.50, draw $31

Crusaders: 1-Joe Moody, 2-Codie Taylor, 3-Tamaiti Williams, 4-Scott Barrett (C), 5-Zach Gallagher, 6-Ethan Blackadder, 7-Tom Christie, 8-Sione Havili Talitui, 9-Mitchell Drummond, 10-Richie Mo'unga, 11-Leicester Fainga'anuku, 12-Dallas McLeod, 13-Braydon Ennor, 14-Pepesana Patafilo, 15-Fergus Burke

Reserves: 16-Brodie McAlister, 17-Kershawl Sykes-Martin, 18-George Bower, 19-Dominic Gardner, 20-Christian Lio-Willie, 21-Willi Heinz, 22-Will Gualter, 23-Chay Fihaki

Brumbies: 1-Blake Schoupp, 2-Connal McInerney, 3-Sefo Kautai, 4-Jack Wright, 5-Cadeyrn Neville, 6-Rory Scott, 7-Luke Reimer, 8-Charlie Cale, 9-Ryan Lonergan (C), 10-Noah Lolesio, 11-Corey Toole, 12-Tamati Tua, 13- Ollie Sapsford, 14-Ben O'Donnell, 15-Andy Muirhead,

Reserves: 16-Lachlan Lonergan, 17-Fred Kaihea, 18-Allan Alaalatoa, 19-Nick Frost, 20-Jahrome Brown, 21-Pedro Rolando, 22-Jack Debreczeni, 23-Declan Meredith


No regrets over Mo'unga's Japanese switch despite Robertson's All Blacks ascension

Alex Powell

All Blacks first-five Richie Mo'unga has no second thoughts over his move to Japan from next year, despite Crusaders coach Scott Robertson's ascension to the country's biggest job.

Mo'unga, 28, will take up a three-year deal to swap New Zealand for Japan, signing on with Toshiba Brave Lupus.

In combination with NZ Rugby's selection policy, the move will end Mo'unga's chances of turning out for Robertson. Currently, the All Blacks only select local-based players, as an incentive to keep the best talent playing in Super Rugby.

While Mo'unga signed to move to Japan before Robertson was named All Blacks coach, the news of his appointment leaves no doubts over his decision to leave, or regrets over potentially ending his All Blacks career prematurely to experience what another league and another culture have to offer.

"I'm going for more reasons than just footy or who's head coach," said Mo'unga. "I'm going as a father now, to provide for my family and take on a new challenge that I think my family is ready for in Japan.

"You have the 'would've' or 'could've', but I'm just really proud of Razor and his achievement. People that know Razor know that he'll do an awesome job with the All Blacks."

Mo'unga and Robertson will get one last crack at silverware to end the 2023 Super Rugby season. Since their respective Crusaders debuts in 2017, the pair have known nothing but success, winning six titles in six years.

Mo'unga's relationship with his coach dates back even further, when they worked together with Canterbury in the NPC, also enjoying success.

Scott Robertson and Richie Mo'unga
Scott Robertson and Richie Mo'unga. Photo credit: Getty

"I do have a special relationship with him, we've spent a lot of years together," he continued. "He's never stopped believing in me, told me that I'm the man for the job, regardless of performances.

"That belief goes both ways, I believe in him and his abilities as a head coach. 

"We've been through the ups and downs together. We've lost games and won games, so I know the respect is there in what we do for each other.

"I'm really happy for him."

Mo'unga also denies the saga over Robertson's appointment has been a distraction, despite the Crusaders' poor start to the season. So far this year, the reigning champions boast a 2-2 record, sitting fifth on the ladder after the opening rounds.

Defeats to the Chiefs and Fijian Drua have left them looking upwards, even after last weekend's victory against the Blues.

Moving to appoint the All Blacks head coach so early has been criticised at some levels, with the move traditionally saved for after the Rugby World Cup, but NZ Rugby has gone early in 2023,  allowing clarity at all levels, before this year's tournament in France.  

"For me, it didn't make a difference whether it came out last week or in five months' time," added Mo'unga. "I'm really focused on what my role is at the Crusaders that gives me the best chance to be selected in the All Blacks team for the World Cup.

"We're in an environment where everyone's professional about that. Everyone knows they have a job to do.

"It's awesome for Razor and his team for next year, but we all know we have a pretty big job to do this year."