Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Crusaders v Queensland Reds at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium

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Reds 12 Crusaders 25

Reds - McDermott & Petaia tries; Henry conversion 

Crusaders - Fainga'anuku, Gardner & Heinz tries; Mo'unga 2 conversions & 2 penalties


40th minute - Reds take a tap and lay seige to the tryline. They shift right, where Fainga'anuku puts a shot on McReight and drives him into touch to save a try.

Bower is being helped off, so there's another player that may not be available next week for the Crusaders.

Crusades overthrow the lineout, Asiata goes close to scoring for the Reds, but the ball is scramble to tough and that's the game.

39th minute - Reds win the attacking lineout, but their maul is held up. They have a penalty and a double blast, as Murphy warns Barrett again.

38th minute - Reds win the lineout and Petaia is upended in the tackle. McAlister penalised for not rolling away and Campbell kicks to the corner.

37th minute - Campbell kicks deep, but Mo'unga casually forces for a goal-line dropout. Henry fields the kick near halfway.

Crusaders steal the ball, Heinz kicks long for Patafilo to chase. Reds clear and win a penalty in midfield... Campbell finds touch near the Crusaders 22.

36th minute - From the midfield scrum, Heinz finds Ennor, who dashes ahead, but stolen by the Reds. Wilson loses the ball in a tackle and Barrett kicks high, losing knockon advantage.

35th minute - Reds win a lineout on halfway, but knock on.

34th minute - Petaian reads a crossfield kick and kicks deep to Mo'unga, who clears to halfway.

33rd minute - Crusaders have the ball back and Mo'unga dashes into Reds territory.

32nd minute - Reds win a lineout on their own 10 and Henry breaks the defence, reaching the Crusaders 22. Heinz is back to steal the ball at the breakdown and he send up a box kick.

31st minute - Mo'unga kicks out from his 22 and deep into Reds half. Wilson carries to the 10.

Crusaders win the ball and Gardner kicks ahead. Reds have a clearing penalty for offside.

30th minute - Reds building phases inside the 22, just a few metres out. O'Connor kicks ahead, but too heavy and it bounces dead.

29th minute - Reds win a lineout on the Crusaders 22...

28th minute - O'Connor lines up a kick at goal, but deflects off the left upright.

27th minute - Reds win a lineout on Crusaders 22, but the Crusaders drive forward. McReight finally has the ball in hand and Reds win a penalty for offside.

26th minute - From the kickoff, Fainga'anuku makes a halfbreak, the Breakers shift right, but Ennor is penalised form not releasing in the tackle.

24th minute - Mo'unga takes a kick at goal and slots it, CRU 25-12

23rd minute - Crusaders put the ball through hands and have a penalty at the breakdown.

22nd minute - Mo'unga kicks off, Petaia takes the ball and Campbell clears into Crusaders half.

20th minute - TRY to Petaia

Another attacking lineout for the Reds, they overthrow, but O'Connor pounces on it. McDermott kicks back towards the corner and Petaia wins the chase to score. Henry leaves his conversion left, CRU 22-12

19th minute - Reds win the lineout and Petaia runs hard off the back. Reds have penalty advantage and come back.

18th minute - McAlister has replaced Taylor and he throws short to Lio-Willie, Heinz clears towards halfway.

Crusaders are penalised for hands in the ruck and O'Connor finds touch inside the Crusaders 22.

16th minute - McDermott feeds a scrum inside the Crusaders half, Taylor is penalised in a tackle and Henry dashes towards the posts. Reds continue left, but Petaia is thrown into touch, as he dives at the corner.

14th minute - TRY to Heinz

Fainga'anuku goes close, then Williams and the forwards scrum around him, the halfback reaches through the ruck to force the ball and score. Mo'unga converts, CRU 22-7

13th minute - Crusaders hold the ball in the scrum, Mo'unga runs left and his forwards drive towards the posts.

12th minute - Heinz feeds the scrum and the Crusaders are wheeled. Murphy will set the scrum again.

11th minute - Crusaders win another scrum penalty and a double blast comes from referee Murphy, who warns the Reds forwards for collapsing the scrum. Reds coach Brad Thorne responds by replacing his front row.

10th minute - Crusaders want another scrum.

Ninth minute - Heinz feeds the scrum five metres out and Crusaders win a penalty. They go right, but the move breaks down and we play the penalty.

Eighth minute - Crusaders enter the 22 and build phases, winning an offside penalty. Christie cross in the corner, but is driven dead, and we come back for the penalty.

Taylor takes a tap and forwards keep the ball in hand. Crusaders win a scrum feed.

Seventh minute - From the scrum, Reds shift left, but overthrow Vunivalu. Burke threatens to sprint down the sideline, but he is brought down.

Fifth minute - From the scrum, Heinz finds McLeod, who challenges the defensive line. Heinz kicks high, Petaia secures the ball, but the Crusaders drive over him and knock on.

Fourth minute - Reds win the lineout and maul forward, but knock on. Heinz replaces Hotham at halfback for the Crusaders.

Third minute - Hotham kicks out on the full from his own 10, so Reds have attacking lineout.

Second minute - Fainga'anuku finds touch near the Crusaders 10 and Taylor steals the Reds' long throw.

First minute - From the kickoff, McDermott clears and both teams kick for position.


40th minute - Big Reds scrum turns the Crusaders, but they release the ball. A couple of knockons, before Gardner loses his pass forward.

Reds have a scrum feed after the siren. Crusaders shove them off the ball and McDermott has to find touch to end the half.

39th minute - Crusaders win a free-kick at the scrum, when McDermott takes too long to feed. Crusaders want another scrum.

37th minute - Reds win an untidy lineout and McDermott's kick is charged down. Crusaders knock on.

36th minute - Crusaders recover a knockon inside their 22 and Mo'unga clears towards halfway.

35th minute - Mo'unga's kick is charged down and Petaia kicks long. Vunivalu returns a kick to the Crusaders 10.

32nd minute - TRY to McDermott

Campbell kicks off and Fainga'anuku secures the catch, Mo'unga clears towards halfway, but doesn't find touch.

Wilson is dangerous down the right touchline and finds McDermott for a straight run to the line. Henry converts, CRU 15-7 

30th minute - TRY to Gardner

Crusaders lineout is untidy again, but Gardner secures the ball, Hotham runs from the ruck and finds his lock looming up outside him to score. 

Mo'unga pulls his conversion from a handy position, CRU 15-0

29th minute - From the scrum, McDermott finds Petaia, who kicks ahead, but he can't gather. Crusaders break upfield to the Reds 22.

28th minute - Mo'unga kicks to the corner for an attacking lineout. Taylor's throw to Gardner isn't straight.

27th minute - Crusaders win a lineout on the Reds 10 and Taylor has a charge. Reds are offside, but Crusaders keep the ball in hand... they come back for the penalty.

25th minute - From the scrum, Reds head towards the Crusaders 22, but are penalised for side entry to the breakdown.

23rd minute - Campbell kicks off, but the Crusaders knock on in their own half.

21st minute - TRY to Fainga'anuku

Crusaders win the lineout and McLeod charges into the defensive line. Mo'unga looks right, then finds Fainga'anuku running through a space, and no-one will stop him, when he has the line in his sights.

Mo'unga converts, CRU 10-0

20th minute - From the lineout, McReight charges into Crusaders half, followed by Ravai, but Christie is over the ruck for a penalty.

19th minute - Wilson claps the lineout throw back, Petaia kicks... and everyone else follows suit. Burke finally finds touch near halfway.

18th minute - Campbell kicks off and Hotham clears towards halfway.

17th minute - Mo'unga slots the penalty for the early lead, CRU 3-0

16th minute - Scrum penalty to the Crusaders on the 22 and just to the right of the posts. Barrett points to the posts...

15th minute - Barrett reaches high to win the lineout and Crusaders enter the 22. Double knockon gives them another chance, but that could have been a deliberate knockon by Reds.

14th minute - Gardner wins the lineout and Lio-Willie pokes his nose through a gap. Ennor kicks to the corner and Reds will have a lineout throw on their own line.

13th minute - McDermott's kick is partially charged down, but Reds end up with the ball inside their 22. O'Connor kicks laterally for Wilson, but the bounce beats him to touch.

12th minute - Mo'unga finds touch towards the Reds 22, but Taylor's lineout throw is stolen.

11th minute - Reds secure the goal-line dropout and Wilson charges to halfway. He's a threat.

Reds are penalised at the cleanout, so the Crusaders will finally have the ball in hand.

10th minute - Henry takes a kick at goal, but pulls it left badly.

Ninth minute - Wilson dents the defence again and Crusaders are offside again. Barrett is told to chat to the boys after three consecutive penalties.

Eighth minute - Reds get a free-kick from the scrum and take the quick tap...

Seventh minute - Crusaders win the scrum and shift right, where Patafilo breaks down the sideline, but knocks on.

Sixth minute - Reds have another penalty, when Christie is offside near halfway. O'Connor finds touch this time, Reds win the lineout and Wilson splits the defence, but his offload is knocked on.

Fifth minute - Crusaders turn the ball over and break over halfway, where Fainga'anuku throws an infield pass.

Fourth minute - Hotham clears the scrum and Crusaders try to crunch it up centrefield, before Mo'unga kicks high. Reds lose ground with a loose pass, but they charge into the Crusaders 22.

Third minute - Crusaders feed to the first scrum and they win a free-kick. Crusaders want another scrum.

Second minute - Petaia is dragged into touch, but Reds have a penalty near the 10 and O'Connor kicks dead - big error.

First minute - Campbell kicks off for the Reds and Mo'unga kicks for touch near the Crusaders 10.

Reds win the lineout and build phases inside the Crusaders half.

9:32pm - Crusaders have 16 players unavailable this week, but captain Scott Barrett will front up, after gaining a dispensation from All Blacks rest protocols.

Reds haven't beaten Crusaders here since 2012.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Pacific clash between Queensland Reds and the Crusaders at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium.

The six-time defending champions have steadied their wobbly start to the season, after losing two of their firs three games.

Since their shock demise to Fijian Drua at Lautoka, they have knocked off archrivals Blues and top Aussies ACT Brumbies, despite suffering a host of injuries along the way.

The Crusaders have shown a knack for unearthing fresh talent from their deep roster over the years, so the early bodycount may yet serve as an advantage down the track.

Winger Sevu Reece is the latest sidelined long term, so Pepesana Patafilo gets his chance to snatch a fulltime starting spot in the No.14 jersey.

TAB Odds: Crusaders $1.30, Reds $3.50, draw $21

Crusaders: 1-Joe Moody, 2-Codie Taylor, 3-Tamaiti Williams, 4-Scott Barrett, 5-Dom Gardiner, 6-Sione Havili Talitui, 7-Tom Christie, 8-Christian Lio-Willie, 9-Noah Hotham, 10-Richie Mo'unga, 11-Leicester Fainga'anuku, 12-Dallas McLeod, 13-Braydon Ennor, 14-Pepesana Patafilo, 15-Fergus Burke

Reserves: 16-Brodie McAlister, 17-George Bower, 18-Seb Calder, 19-Jamie Hannah, 20-Corey Kellow, 21-Willi Heinz, 22-Will Gualter, 23-Chay Fihaki

Reds: 1-Peni Ravai, 2-Matt Faessler, 3-Zane Nonggorr, 4-Ryan Smith, 5-Seru Uru, 6-Liam Wright, 7-Fraser McReight, 8-Harry Wilson, 9-Tate McDermott, 10-James O’Connor, 11-Jordan Petaia, 12-Isaac Henry, 13-Josh Flook, 14-Suliasi Vunivalu, 15-Jock Campbell.

Reserves: 16- Richie Asiata, 17-Dane Zander, 18-Phransis Sula-Siaosi, 19-Angus Blyth, 20-Jake Upfield, 21-Kalani Thomas, 22-Taj Annan, 23-Mac Grealy


'Didn't think I'd be here': Crusaders teen halfback Hotham embraces first start

Reece Labuschagne

Still in his teens, Crusaders halfback Noah Hotham will make his first Super Rugby Pacific start, after being named to play Queensland Reds.

The 19-year-old has had a whirlwind year, from making his debut for the reigning champions just a few weeks ago to a shock loss to the Drua in Fiji.

He gifted the Drua possession with a dropped restart in the final minutes at Lautoka, which saw them subsequently earn a penalty to win the game, but the highly promising Hotham isn't sweating on the mistake and is taking everything in his stride.

"Pretty amazing," Hotham said. "If I think back to last year or the year before, I didn't think I would be in this spot, but here I am... just got to embrace it, it's a good opportunity for me.

"I learned heaps from that game. It shows you're going to make mistakes, it's just how you come back from those mistakes.

Crusaders halfback Noah Hotham
Crusaders halfback Noah Hotham. Photo credit: Getty Images

"Hopefully, I'll get a good run around this week to show people how I like to play.

"It's up to the own individual, I have to pick my own chin up and own that. I wanted to take that ball and, unfortunately, it's a game of rugby and you don't always do everything perfectly.

"You have to come back next week, train that moment again, and the pressure and everything. You just have to embrace it and it's a privilege."

Augustine Pulu in action for the All Blacks. Photo credit: Photosport

Hotham doesn't have to look far for veteran halfback advice, with seasoned veterans Mitchell Drumond and Willi Heinz at the Crusaders, but when asked who his inspiration was growing up, he surprises with often forgotten All Black.

"It's funny, lots of people ask me that question and the first person that comes to mind is actually Augustine Pulu," he said.

"I don't know why, I just liked how aggressive he was, the way he ran, but like I said before, it's not one person.

"I like Antoine Dupont and I like Faf de Klerk, but taking little bits of them and making my own game is what I'm trying to do."