Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Moana Pasifika v Hurricanes at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium

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Moana Pasifika 0 Hurricanes 59

Hurricanes - Rayasi 2, Moorby, Cameron, Roigard, Naholo, Ardie Savea, Faiva & Lakai tries; Cameron 7 conversions


40th minute - TRY to Lakai

Cameron's clearances doesn't find touch, but Moana have lost the ball again and Hurricanes will play out time.

Cameron throws a long pass to Rayasi, who offloads to Lakai, and he has plenty of pace to score. Cameron's conversion hits the upright and away, HUR 59-0

39th minute - Fainga'anuku surges down the right touchline and Moana enter the Hurricanes 22, but concede a penalty at the breakdown.

38th minute - Moana have a lineout from the kickoff and desperately want to crack their duck egg.

36th minute - TRY to Faiva

Faiva taps the penalty, the Hurricanes forwards smell a try and eventually the hooker lunges over on debut. That's 50 for the Hurricanes and Cameron is on target from the sideline, HUR 54-0

34th minute - From the scrum, the Hurricanes drop the ball in idfield and Moana break out.

Hurricanes win a lineout, Moana repulse the intial raid, but Deane brings them back for  Hurricanes penalty for offside.

33rd minute - Faiva throws long to the Hurricanes lineout, but Moana knock on, so another scrum for the Hurricanes inside the 22.

32nd minute - Hurricanes win a scrum penalty, but Savea runs off the back and finds his brother. His pass goes astray in a tackle and Deane brings them back to the penalty.

31st minute - Moana have theball in hand, but they are held up in the midfield maul inside their own half.

28th minute - TRY to Ardie Savea

From the kickoff, Iose surges upfield, Hurricanes have penalty advantage, but Julian Savea takes a half gap and offloads to his brother for the try under the posts. Converted by Cameron, HUR 47-0

26th minute - TRY to Rayasi

Hurricanes win a lineout outside Moana 22 and have penalty advantage in midfield. They don't need it, as they shift left and Moorby gives Rayasi a backhanded pass that sees him run to the line.

Cameron converts, HUR 40-0

25th minute - From the scrum, Booth drills downfield. Moorby takes a return kick into Moana half, Rayasi kicks ahead, but Havili slides across to cover the bounce.

24th minute - Moana throw to the lineout is not straight.

22nd minute - Moana win a penalty in midfield and Leuila kicks to the corner. Slade wins the lineout, but the maul goes nowhere.

Aumua is the midfield battering ram, but when the ball goes left, Lakai steals it and Hurricanes break upfield.

20th minute - TRY to Rayasi

After several phases and great handling, Rayasi breaks a tackle in centrefield and runs unopposed under the posts. Converted by Cameron, HUR 33-0

19th minute - Hurricanes still stringing together phases and Naholo makes a one-handed catch on the right wing.

18th minute - Moana lose the ball on the HUrricanes 22 and the Canes break upfield. Cameron makes a halfbrak and finds Tosi on his shoulder.

15th minute - TRY to Naholo

Cameron kicks to the corner, Flanders wins a long throw to the lineout and the forwards keep the ball in hand. When the ball is relased, Naholo powers through two defenders and stretches out to score.

Cameron slots the conversion, HUR 26-0

14th minute - Hurricanes have a penalty and tap, reaching the Moana 22. Aumua rumbles towardsthe posts, Hurricanes go right, but Moorby's pass to Naholo is knocked away.

13th minute - Aumua gathers a kick by his own posts and Havili clears towards halfway, but not out. Rayasi tries a chip kick, but Fainga'anuku takes off upfield.

12th minute - Slade wins a lineout for Moana on halfway. Lealiifano angles a kick acrossfield into touch for a Hurricanes lineout.

Bird wins the lineout and Hurricanes maul upfield. Roigard breaks and finds Naholo...

11th minute - Hurricanes replace both props. Moana can't secure their lineout and Roigard clears.

Paea puts a kick into the 22, but Cameron marks easily.

10th minute - Moana counterattack downfield and win a penalty inside the Hurricanes half.

Ninth minute - From the scrum, Savea surges to the 22 and Huricanes break upfield. Sullivan is over halfway, they shift left, where Flanders offloads to Roigard, but his pass off the ground goes astray.

Seventh minute - Savea engates in a debate with the ref and loses. Havili kicks to the corner and Moana maul from the lineout, but lose the ball forward.

Sixth minute - Havili kicks to the corner and Slade wins the short throw. Penalty advantage to Moana...

Fifth minute - Moana win the lineout and move the ball into centrefield. They reach the 22 and have penalty advantage.

Tuitavuki dases down the left touchline, but when his infield pass goes astray, Keane brings them back for the penalty.

Fourth minute - Lots of tactical kicking, before Cameron finds touch near halfway.

Third minute - Moana win a lineout inside the Hurricanes 22, but they knockon. Nahaolo butsts towards the 22 and Savea takes it a few more metres.

Second minute - Havili fields a bouncing kick and enters Hurricanes half. Moana have a ruck penalty.

Some changes for both teams, with TK Howden on for Walker-Leawere and Paea replacing Enari at halfback for Moana Pasifika.

First minute - Cameron kicks off for the Hurricanes and McKee goes for a run. Moana move the ball left and Havili kicks downfield.

Moana playing knockon advantage...


40th minute - Moana win the lineout as the siren sounds and Lealiifano puts up a high kick. Rayasi handles it easily and Hurricanes road again.

Sullivan makes a halfbreak, but there's a ruck penalty against Aumua. Havili kicks to touch and the half ends.

39th minute - Aumua pops up in midfield and puts a deft kick into the goal area, but Cameron is there to clear.

Hurricanes are offside, so Aumua holds on and runs. When they shift left, Naholo knocks the ball free and scrambles it into touch.

38th minute - From the lineout, Inisi bursts upfield and Moana cross halfway. Aumua shows power to the left and makes the 22.

37th minute - Moana win a defensive scrum penalty and Havili finds touch near their 10. 

36th minute - Cameron kicks to the corner and a lineout. Flanders wins the throw, Savea charges around the back and Hurricanes crab acrossfield. 

Franks drops the ball in front of the posts.

35th minute - Hurricanes have a scrum penalty, but they move left to Rayasi. Moana steals the ball in midfield, so Reuben will play the penalty and give them a warning.

33rd minute - Moana have the ball back and Inisi charges. Havili kicks into the 22, where Moorby easily defuses it.

Moana knock on in their own half, so good scrum position for Hurricanes.

32nd minute - Moana win a long lineout throw and shift left, where Aumua carries strongly. When they come right, Fainga'anuku grubbers into touch, somewhat wasting possession.

31st minute - Hurricanes control the kickoff and Roigard kicks high. Moana break upfield and Aumua kicks into the 22, but Cameron takes an easy mark.

28th minute - TRY to Roigard

Hurricanes scrum in the shadow of the posts, Savea runs right. Hurricanes build some phases, before Bird offloads to Roigard, who ducks through a tackle to score.

27th minute - Savea surges towards the posts, Hurricanes have a penalty advantage, but they shift right, where Sullivan takes a hard pass through Cameron's hands and surges to the tryline, offloading to Moorby to score.

Replays show Aumua obstructs the defence, so no try, but back for the penalty.

26th minute - Cameron slips a midfield pass to Proctor, who makes big ground to the Moana 22.

25th minute - Hurricanes secure the kickoff and go a couple of phases, before Roigard puts up a box kick. Aumua gathers the bounce, Rayasi kicks ahead...

22nd minute - TRY to Cameron

Walker Leawere wins the long throw to the lineout and Lakai bursts away from the maul. Hurricanes have a penalty advantage, but they shift right, where Cameron slices through to score.

Cameron leaves his conversion left, HUR 12-0

21st minute - Hurricanes win a scrum penalty and Cameron kicks to the corner.

20th minute - Proctor steps through a gap and offloads to Sullivan. Hurricanes reach the 22 and have a scrum, when Moana knock on.

19th minute - Monster scrum from the Hurricanes and they win a penalty. Maybe Moana should avoid scrums from now on.

Cameron finds touch near the Moana 10, Hurricanes win the lineout and Lakai runs hard in midfield.

18th minute - Moana have a free-kick, when Numia crosses the gap in the lineout, so they call for a scrum on the 22.

17th minute - Hurricanes win a lineout on their line and Savea runs the ball out, before Roigard clears his 22.

16th minute - Hurricanes need to watch their discipline here, as Havili kicks to touch again for an attacking lineout. Slde wins the lineout and the maul to the line. 

Funaki and Slade carry strongly, and they shift right, where Fainga'anuku claims the try. Reuben likes the grounding, but replays show the winger's foot in touch.

15th minute - Solid scrum from Moana and they shift left. They have an offside penalty advantage and come back for the penalty.

14th minute - Moana knock on in front of the posts, so Hurricanes will have a defensive scrum to clear. Officials reverse the call and Moana have an attacking feed.

13th minute - Moana win a wonky throw and the forwards drive towards the posts.

12th minute - Slade wins the lineout and Moana maul towards the line, winning a penalty. Back to the corner...

11th minute - Moana have penalty advantage for a no-arms tackle and eventually Reuben brings them back for the penalty. Moana kick to the corner.

10th minute - From the kickoff, Naholo runs the ball out of his 22, but Roigard's clearance is out on the full. Moana have a lineout outside the 22 and knockon advantage.

Seventh minute - TRY to Moorby

Walker Leawere wins the lineout, but the maul collapses. Proctor runs hard on an angle and when the Hurricanes shift right, Naholo is on the end of a long pass and tips it inside to his fullback in support to score.

Cameron slots the wide conversion, HUR 7-0

Sixth minute - Hurricanes win a midfield scrum penalty against the feed and Cameron kicks to the corner.

Fifth minute - From the scrum, Havili clears, but only just outside his 22. Hurricanes win a lineout, but knock on in midfield.

Third minute - Hurricanes win a penalty at the ruck on their own 10 and Cameron kicks to touch near the Moana 22.

Long throw from Aumua bounces and is regatherd by the Hurricanes, who enter the 22, but knock on, as Aumua surges through a yawning gap towards the tryline.

Second minute - Moana have a player down in the Hurricanes half, as a game of forecback breaks out around him. It's No.8 Inisi clutching his left calf.

First minute - Asafo Aumu celebrates his 50th game for the Hurricanes and leads out his team. Reuben Keane will referee this match and Havili will kick off for Moana.

Sullivan secures the kickoff and dents the defensive line. Roigard clears and Moana are building phases on halfway.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Pacific clash between Moana Pasifika and Hurricanes at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium.

You probably can't see these two teams on a fixture list without casting you mind back to their first-ever meeting at this same venue on this very day last season, when the then-expansion side notched up their first victory at this level.

The Pacific Islanders only won two games in their inaugural campaign - they also toppled top Aussies ACT Brumbies - and have yet to taste victory so far this year.

Which just means the Hurricanes are ripe for another ambush.

The team from the capital have lost just once, bowing to the Blues without suspended captain Ardie Savea. This week, they line up without All Blacks Tyrel Lomax, Dane Coles and Jordie Barrett - all on national team rest - so they are vulnerable.

Join us at 7pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: Hurricanes $1.09, Moana Pasifika $7, Draw $31

Moana Pasifika: 1-Abraham Pole, 2-Samiuela Moli, 3-Suetena Asomua, 4-Samuel Slade, 5-Mike McKee, 6-Solomone Funaki, 7-Alamanda Motuga, 8-Lotu Inisi, 9-Ereatara Enari, 10-Christian Lealiifano, 11-Anzelo Tuitavuki, 12-Henry Taefu, 13-Levi Aumua, 14-Tima Fainga’anuku, 15-William Havili

Reserves: 16-Ray Niuia, 17-Ezekiel Lindnemuth, 18-Chris Apoua, 19-Potu Leavasa, 20-Miracle Faiilagi, 21-Manu Paea, 22-D’Angelo Leuila, 23-Fine Inisi

Hurricanes: 1-Xavier Numua, 2-Asafo Aumua, 3-Owen Franks, 4-Dominic Bird, 5-Isaia Walker-Leawere, 6-Devan Flanders, 7-Peter Lakai, 8-Ardie Savea (c), 9-Cameron Roigard, 10-Brett Cameron, 11-Salesi Rayasi, 12-Billy Proctor, 13-Bailyn Sullivan, 14-Kini Naholo, 15-Josh Moody

Reserves: 16-Hame Faiva, 17-Tevita Mafileo, 18-Pasilio Tosi, 19-TK Howden, 20-Brayden Iose, 21-Jamie Booth, 22-Riley Hohepa, 23-Julian Savea