Live updates: Blackcaps v Sri Lanka first Twenty20 at Auckland's Eden Park

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Super Over - Sri Lanka 11/0 (NZ 8)

NZ 196/8 (Mitchell 66, Chapman 33, Latham 27; Shanaka 2/20)

Sri Lanka 196/5 (Aslanka 67, Perera 53no, Mendis 25; Neesham 2/30)

Sri Lanka win in the Super Over

Sri Lanka Super Over

Big ask now for the Blackcaps, who probably need two wickets to win, Adam Milne to bowl

Mendis and Asalanka will bat for Sri Lanka

Single to Mendis off a slow ball

Asalanka clears the rope for six

Asalanka edges a bouncer over keeper Latham for a boundary and the win!

NZ Super Over

Blackcaps to bat first - Neesham and Mitchell head to the middle, Theekshana to bowl

Mitchell edges to point for single


OUT - Neesham skies to the bowler

Mark Chapman is the third batter

Chapman hits too straight and into the wickets at the non-striker's end - no run

Two to Chapman

Four through midwicket for Chapman



20th over - Shipley comes to the crease, but he won't be on strike

Thirteen runs needed


Ravindra slices to third man and is caught by de Silva on the boundary

Ravindra c de Silva b Shanaka 26

Sodhi hits straight and runs two, as Chamika cuts off the boundary

Sodhi hits straight again and runs two on the misfield

Nine needed off three balls

Shanaka beats Sodhi with a wide yorker, they run a single, but it's not enough 

Shipley needs to find the boundary, but he only gets the single

Six to tie for a super over?

SIX - Sodhi does the unthinkable and we're headed for the super over

19th over - NZ need 23 off two overs, Madushan into his last over


Single to Milne

Single to Ravindra, as the rain starts to fall heavier

Bouncer called too high, wide

Single off a yorker to Milne

NZ need a boundary... Ravindra hits through mid-off and beats the fielder for four

Single to mid-on for Ravindra

Last ball of the over... 


Milne swings and is caught at third man

Milne c Asalanka bMadushan 3

18th over - Chamika into his second over

Three overs left, 41 required

Milne scampers a single and Ravindra has to sprint 

Some rain starts to fall, Ravindra swings and misses

He connects for a six over mid-on and then over square leg for another

NZ are where they need to be for Duckworth Lewis Stern, but the rain isn't that heavy yet

Four to Ravindra, NZ 174/6

17th over - Hasaranga into his last over

Ravindra runs a single, Neesham clubs Hasaranga over his head for six

Ravindra wants two, but it's never there


Neesham tries a reverse sweep, but finds a fielder at fine leg for the catch

Neesham c Madushan b Hasaranga 19

16th over - Shanaka to bowl his first over, run rate at 12 an over

Neesham hits through square leg for four


Mitchell searches for the boundary at midwicket, but picks out the fielder

Mitchell c de Silva b Shanaka 66

Big wicket for Sri Lanka. It's on Neesham now.

Ravindra scampers a single to get off the mark

Neesham swings towards midwicket for two, NZ 147/5

15th over - OUT

Hasaranga into his third over and Chapman goes looking for the boundary, but is caught at deep midwicket

Chapman c de Silva b Hasaranga 33

Neesham arrives at the crease, plays to legside for a single

These two need to go BOOM

Neesham obliges, advancing down the pitch and hitting over Hasaranga for four

Neesham tries a reverse sweep, but misses. Hasaranga is keen on the lbw and they review... but pitching outside legstump, NZ 138/4

14th over - Madushan into his third over

Mitchell doesn't really connect with a straight drive, but it beats Chamika for four

Mitchell keeps out a yorker

Eight off the over, NZ 132/3

13th over - Theekshana returns for his last over and stems the flow of runs with a dot ball

Chapman tries to ramp over the keeper, but the ball misses everything, running to the rope for four byes

Chapman tries for the ramp again and runs a bye, NZ 124/3

12th over - Madushanka into his third over

Singles to Chapman and Mitchell, then a no ball...

Chapman clobbers the free hit over midwicket for six

Chapman swings hard to midwicket, cut off by the sliding fielder, but replays show he was touching the boundary... four

This is already NZ's best over with three balls remaining

Mitchell swings behind square leg for four and that's his fifty off 34 balls... then a six over midwicket

Twenty-four off the over, NZ 116/3

11th over - Hasaranga into his second over

Chapman gives himself space for two, then advances to loft over mid-off for six

Nice running for two runs, 11 off the over, NZ 92/3

10th over - Karunaratne into his second over, with NZ falling behind the run rate

Mitchell tries to hook, but it falls short of the fielder for just a single

Just seven off the over, NZ 81/3

Ninth over - Hasaranga bowls his first over, Mitchell and Chapman take singles

Four off the over, NZ 74/3

Eighth over - Madushan into his second over and Mitchell takes a single

Neither Mitchell nor Latham can connect cleanly, but take singles


Latham tries to chip the infield behild square, but there's a fielder lurking for the catch

Latham c Fernando b Matdushan 27

Chapman to the crease and drives past the bowler for four, NZ 70/3

Seventh over - At the end of the powerplay, NZ are 14 behind Sri Lanka

Theekshana back for his third over and dispatch over point by Mitchell for four

Single to Mitchell of the last ball, but a good over from Theekshana, NZ 63/2

Sixth over - Karunaratne to bowl his first over, singles off the first two balls

Mitchell swings through midwicket, bisecting fielders for four

Latham pulls behind square leg for four, NZ 58/2

Fifth over - Madushan into his first over and Latham has to scamper for the single. Ball almost his the helmet for four byes

Blackcaps call a midpitch conference for a drink, but they're also waiting for an new bat for Latham

Latham cuts in the air behind square to the boundary

Latham plays off his hip behind square for four, NZ 47/2

Fourth over - Madushanka's second over and Mitchell dispatches the opening delivery through mid-wicket for four 

Mitchell hits over mid-on again for six, NZ 35/2 

Third over - Theekshana into his second over, Mitchell takes a single

Latham sweeps behind square for four... then repeats the shot even finer off the last ball, NZ 23/2

Second over - OUT

Madhushanka will bowl the second over... and he goes through the gate to take out Bowes' stumps

Bowes b Madushanka 2

Mitchell to rescue the innings... he's off the mark with two behind point, almost set off for a third

Six, Mitchell hits cleanly over mid-on, NZ 12/2

First over - Theekshana will open the bowling against Bowes, who strokes through the offside for a single off the first ball

NZ are already ahead of Sri Lanka

Theekshana beats Seifert outside offstump

Seifert tries a reverse sweep, but can't connect cleanly


Seifert is hit on the foot, looked like going down legside, but given out and not reviewed

Seifert lbw Theekshana 0

So much for NZ's better start...

Latham is off the mark with a streaky single to legside

Bowes takes a single to legside, NZ 3/1


20th over - Shipley to bowl the last over of the innings

One off the first ball, then Hasaranga hits over cover for two


Six, Hasaranga bunts over long off for a maximum

Six, same shot

Hasaranga tries the same shot, but has to run three, SL 196/5

New Zealand probably did well to pull that back, after Sri Lanka got stuck into the raw bowling attack through the middle overs

19th over - Milne into his last over and he's throwing slow balls now, really reducing the scoring

Milne hits Perera on the helmet with his penultimate ball and Latham does well to stop that

Milne sitting on a maiden, with just a leg bye off it

Perera swings behind square leg for a single, SL 178/5

18th over - OUT

Neesham into his last over and Shanaka lofts to Milne at long-on

Shanaka c Milne b Neesham 1

Neesham's inswinger beats Hasaranga and the stumps

Hasaranga's leading edge clears cover for two

Five runs off the over and the scoring has slowed, SL 176/5

17th over - Lister into his last over


Asalanka tries to swipe Lister long behind square leg, but Seifert is waiting on the boundary

Asalanka c Seifert b Lister 67

That's Lister's first Blackcaps wicket

Perera takes two off Lister's last ball to bring up his fifty, SL 171/4

16th over - Shipley into his third over, finds the pads of Asalanka with his first ball and they run a leg bye

Shipley beats Perera's big swing, but Asalanka hits the biggest six of the day over long-on

Asalanka takes two to square leg... and then another six off the last ball, SL 167/3

15th over - Sodhi back for his last over and he's swept for four behind square leg by Perera

Perera tries to repeat the shot, but misses

Eight runs off the over, SL 151/3

14th over - Lister back for his third over, just a single to Asalanka

Asalanka edges over the keeper and Sodhi can't prevent the four - that's his fifty

Ten off the over, SL 143/3

13th over - Milne back for his third over and first ball is wide

Asalanka hits over mid-off for six, 13 off the over, SL 133/3

12th over - Neesham continues and Asalanka swats him for six over mid-on, that's the 50 partnership

Those sixes off the first ball take the pressure right off the batters - they can just collect singles thereafter

Perera edges behind point and Bowes leaps high, but can't hold the catch

Ten off the over, SL 120/3

11th over - Perera hits Sodhi back over his head for six to bring up the Sri Lanka 100

Sodhi pulls back the scoring with a wide and four singles, SL 110-3

10th over - Shipley returns... singles off his first three balls

Five singles off the over, SL 99/3

Ninth over - Asalanka hits Sodhi over square for six

10 runs off the over, SL 94/3

Eighth over - Neesham into his second over and Perera edges through the vacant slips, but cut off at the boundary by Lister

Asalanka launches over mid-off for six, but is beaten outside offstump with the next delivery

Three dot balls... Asalanka takes a single off the last ball, SL 84/3

Seventh over - Sodhi brings his spin into the attack, Asalanka takes a single off the first ball

Perera hits and runs, Asalanka is at full stretch against the throw, but is home

Sodhi beats Perera outside offstump, four singles off the over, SL 76/3

Sixth over - OUT

Neesham for his first over and de Silva chips the first ball off the bottom of the bat to Sodhi for the catch

De Silva c Sodhi b Neesham 15

Asalanka drives a wide ball from Neesham for four through cover

Seven runs off the over, SL 72/3

Fifth over - Lister to bowl his second over from the other end, de Silva clips off his toes for two

De Silva swings lustily and edges through the vacant slips for four, then hits a full toss back over Lister for six

De Silva runs a sharp single and Perera dives on the throw, SL 65/2

Fourth over - Shipley for his first T20 international over, first ball is wide down legside... so is his second

Perera bunts and runs a single


Mendis tries to repeat his swipe down fine leg, but doesn't connect squarely and Ravindra is lurking to gobble up the catch

Mendis c Ravindra b Shipley 25

De Silva runs a sharp single off his first ball and beats Neesham's throw at the stumps

Shipley bowls his third legside wide of the over ... his nine-ball over concedes six runs, SL 51/2

Third over - Milne with his second over and Mendis hits over cover for four, then clips him over fine leg for six

NZ bowlers under assault here

A single brings Perera on strike... Milne bowls a good yorker, but the batters scurry a single

Mendis repeats his opening shot over cover for another boundary

Mendis hits high and long to long on, but it lands in the stand for six

Twenty-two runs off that over,  SL 44/1

Second over - Lister to bowl the second over, Perera takes a big swing and miss outside offstump

Perera drives through cover for four, then another over point

Perera has a third straight boundary through mid-off, then cuts for two

Two more off the last ball, 16 off the over... not a great start for Lister, SL 22/1

First over - Nissanka to take strike against Milne for the opening ball.


First ball moves off the seam and Latham has gone upstairs for a catch review...

Snicko shows an edge and Nissanka must go

Nissanka c Latham b Milne 0

Third ball down legside for a wide

Perera scores first run off the bat with a single

Mendis guides through fine leg for four

Mendis wants a single off the next ball, but it sent back and has to dive, as Milne shys at the stumps, SL 6/1

12:47pm - Weather in Auckland is a little overcast, maybe some showers at some point. Aucklanders woke up to morning mist, but that has cleared.

12:36pm - New Zealand have won the toss and Tom Latham has elected to field first. Debutants Chad Bowes and Henry Shipley will feature in the Blackcaps line-up.

NZ: Bowes, Seifert, Latham, Mitchell, Chapman, Neesham, Ravindra, Milne, Shipley, Sodhi, Liester

Sri Lanka: Nissanka, Periera, Mendis, Asalanka, de Silva, Shanaka, Karunaratne, Hasaranga, Madushan, Madushanka


Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the opening Twenty20 clash between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at Auckland's Eden Park.

After dominating both test and one-day series during the NZ autumn, the Blackcaps now turn their attention to the shortest form of the game, still without many of their frontline performers, now chasing big bucks overseas in the Indian Premier League.

Instead, those left behind have a chance to nail down spot in the ODI World Cup later this year, albeit in a different format.

This three-game series will see several intriguing newcomers and returnees take the field, including fast-bowling prospect Ben Lister, and veterans Adam Milne, Jimmy Neesham and Tim Seifert.

Fast-bowler Henry Shipley has a chance to build on his form during the ODI success, as does Will Young with the bat.

Join us at 11:30am for the toss.

TAB Odds: NZ $1.45, Sri Lanka $2.60

NZ: Tom Latham (c), Chad Bowes, Mark Chapman, Matt Henry, Ben Lister, Adam Milne, Daryl Mitchell, Jimmy Neesham, Rachin Ravindra, Tim Seifert, Henry Shipley, Ish Sodhi, Will Young

Sri Lanka: Dasun Shanaka (c), Wanindu Hasaranga de Silva, Charith Asalanka, Lasith Croospulle, Dhananjaya de Silva, Nuwanidu Fernando, Chamika Harunaratne, Lathiru Kumara, Dilshan Madushanka, Kusal Mendis, Pathum Nissanka, Matheesha Pathirana, Kusal Perera, Pramod Maudshan, Kasun Rajitha, Sadeera Samarawickrama, Maheesh Thekshana, Dunith Wellalage  


Young deflects praise to Blackcaps bowlers after series-clinching win against Sri Lanka

Stephen Foote

Cricketers will often tell you the lowest totals can be the most challenging to chase down and at one stage during the second one-dayer against Sri Lanka at Hamilton, that seemed to ring true for the Blackcaps.

Set a meagre target of 158 by the NZ bowlers's onslaught, the batters stumbled out of the blocks, with openers Chad Bowes and Tom Blundell departing inside the first two overs.

Both captain Tom Latham and Daryl Mitchell followed to leave New Zealand precariously positioned at 59/4, and the tourists with their tails up and eyes set on a shock result.

Fortunately for the hosts, No.3 Will Young (83no) and Henry Nicholls (44no) were able to drop anchor and stabilise the NZ innings, combining for a fifth-wicket partnership of 100 to navigate the Blackcaps to an ultimately comfortable six-wicket win in the 33rd over, sealing the series 2-0.

The result also consolidates the Blackcaps' place atop the ICC Super League rankings, which replaced the ODI rankings as the qualification route for the World Cup in India in October.

"It was a bit more nerve-racking a bit later, when we were three or four down," Young admitted.

"One of the great things about this team is that we bat deep, so I had full confidence in the boys that we'd get the job done and it happened to be Henry that I established a bit of a partnership with.

"It can be quite a tricky time to bat in that twilight period. We saw that, if you hit the strings - and hit a good length - it's going to be challenging at times.

"We found exactly that when the Sri Lankans got the ball in the right area. There was a bit of swing early, the ball certainly nipped around and there was a little bit of bounce too. 

"Conditions were tough at times, but we managed to absorb that to get the job done."

The Blackcaps attack ensured that job was relatively straightforward for their counterparts up the order, claiming three wickets inside the first 10 overs, which soon turned into five in the first 20.

Blackcaps celebrate their one-day series victory over Sri Lanka
Blackcaps celebrate their one-day series victory over Sri Lanka. Photo credit: Photosport

Sri Lanka never recovered from that opening salvo, with opener Pathun Nissanka's 57 off 64 balls the only highlight on their scorecard and the side bundled out in the 42nd over.

Newcomer Henry Shipley backed up his player-of-the-match performance in the opening ODI with 3/32, while quick Matt Henry (3/14) and Mitchell (3/32) also contributed three wickets apiece.

"In one-day cricket, there's an old adage that if you take three wickets in the first 10, you're doing pretty well, and they took four or five in the first spell or two," said Young. 

"They were incredible. The way they hit their lengths, and got the ball to talk in the air and off the wicket was really impressive.

"For [Shipley] to do that in one of his first series is testament to the form he's in. For Matt Henry, it seems like an extension of his red-ball form at the moment.

"He's hitting the same areas and it's awesome to see.

"I think Tom Latham did a great job in summarising the conditions early, getting fielders in the right positions and trusting that the ball will go to those attacking fielders. They used the short ball as well.

"The bowlers and Tommy were singing from the same sheet."

Although Young, 30, scored two centuries against the Netherlands last year, this was his highest score against a top-tier nation in his 10-match ODI career so far, earning player-of-the-match plaudits.

After playing most of his international cricket in the test format, Young admits he's keen to take advantage of his opportunities in the limited-overs format.

"At the end of the day, you're looking to impose yourself and make a matchwinning contribution. and the better I do that, the better chance I give myself [of securing a place in the team]," he said.

"I don't try to add on any extra responsibility, I just get out there and get into the battle, and try to get the job done for the team.

"I've played a bit of test cricket and been around that squad for a while now, and it's awesome to get these opportunities in white-ball and I'm hoping it can continue into the future."

He'll have another chance to impress when the Twenty20 series begins on Sunday, with the first of three matches scheduled for Auckland's Eden Park.

"We were really consistent in the two games we played in this series, so if we can keep nailing the basics, getting the ball to talk early and taking early wickets, and then just having a positive intent with our batting and looking to score, I'm sure we'll put ourselves in good stead and give ourselves the best chance of winning."