Live updates: Super Rugby Pacific - Chiefs v Fijian Drua at Hamilton's FMG Stadium

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Chiefs 50 Drua 17

Chiefs - Ratima, Boshier, McKenzie, Taukei'aho, Retallick, Vaa'i, Nanai-Seturo & Stevenson tries; McKenzie 5 conversions

Drua - Canakaivata, Droasese & Naitokani tries; Tela conversion


40th minute - Gatland kicks ahead for McKenzie, who tries to feed the ball for his support, but Nasoko snags the pass.

TRY to Nanai-Seturo

Chiefs feed a scrum, as the siren sounds. They shift left from the scrum and Rona pops a ball inside for Nanai-Seturo to score.

McKenzie converts, CHI 50-17

39th minute - Chiefs steal another lineout and Gatland clears to touch near halfway.

Chiefs steal that lineout too.

38th minute - McKenzie gathers a kick along the ground, but Pickerill is playing advantage and Nasoko kicks to the corner. 

37th minute - Drua win a freekick at the scrum, when the Chiefs muck around too long. They swarm into the Chiefs half.

36th minute - Drua kick off and McKenzie finds touch over halfway. 

34th minute - TRY to Vaa'i

Chiefs win the lineout and swarm to the tryline, where the lock has his hands on the ball. McKenzie's conversion is left, CHI 43-17

33rd minute - Drua have the ball inside Chiefs half, but can't crack the defence. Thompson strips the ball and McKenzie breaks over halfway, with Nanai-Seturo kicking ahead to the corner.

31st minute - TRY to Retallick

Gatland kicks into the corner and Drua try to run it out, but Ravutaumada is tackled, Chiefs turn the ball over, Rona dashes towards the posts and pops up a pass to his skipper, McKenzie converts, CHI 38-17

30th minute - Chiefs building phases in the 22, but McKenzie can't take a pass in front of him and Drua hack it downfield.

29th minute - From the scrum, Chiefs go right, but McKenzie cuts back infield.

28th minute - Droasese's dropout goes out on the full, so Chiefs scrum on the 22.

26th minute - Chiefs decide to kick for goal to stretch outside two converted tries. They haven't been able to crack the Drua in the second half and McKenzie is astray with this too.

25th minute - Chiefs steal another lineout and shift right. They have a penalty for offside against Rotuisolia.

24th minute - Drua win a defensive lineout and a penalty, when one of their forwards is pushed out of the line. Replays show the Drua forwards almost fell over themselves without any help from the Chiefs.

23rd minute - Chiefs win an attacking lineout and Ratima snipes around the back of the lineout. The forwards go close, but when Ratima looks left, McKenzie is tackled into touch.

22nd minute - From the scrum, Ravutaumada kicks downfield, but Chiefs have a penalty on halfway, when Vota slides into a prone McKenzie.

21st minute - Chiefs still trying to find a way through and Wrampling wears a couple of tackles. Drua steal the ball at the breakdown for a defensive scrum.

20th minute - Chiefs steal the lineout and Boshier enters the 22.

19th minute - Retallick wins the close-range lineout, but Chiefs are offside in the maul and penalised.

18th minute - Eventually, Pickerill brings them back for the penalty and McKenzie kicks to the corner.

17th minute - Rona goes close out left and Boshier charges closer to the posts. Chiefs have a penalty advantage and McKenzie kicks laterally for Stevenson, who is covered by the defence.

16th minute - Scrums are becoming messy and this one is taking an age to set.

Eventually, Chiefs run a nice set-piece move that leaves Nanai-Seturo just short.

14th minute - Another big Chiefs scrum, but Sowakula slips over at the back.

13th minute - Drua have had to bring on another prop for this five-metre scrum and Cirikidaveta makes way for Natave.

12th minute - Gatland kicks to the corner. Sowakula wins the lineout and Taukei'aho rumbles towards the line, but Drua lose Hetet to a yellow card.

11th minute - Taukei'aho throws long to Retallick at the back of the lineout, but it's not straight. Chiefs scrum starting to dominate now and they win a penalty with a big push.

10th minute - Drua clear ther scrum and cross the 22. Matawalu puts in the box kick, but it drifts out on the full.

Ninth minute - Drua try to clear their 22, Ratima pounces on a loose pass, but Stevenson has knocked on.

Eighth minute - All Black Josh Lord is on the field for the Chiefs. From the kickoff, Drua kick downfield, but are offside in their pursuit.

Chiefs continue to play and eventually their advantage is over, when Stevenson kicks ahead. 

Fifth minute - TRY to Droasese

Chiefs win a lineout inside Drua 22 and Wrampling runs strongly in centrefield. Drua counterattack from a dropped ball, Tamani is pulled down metres short, but pops the ball up for his winger.

Tela leaves his conversion right, CHI 31-17

Fourth minute - Drua win the lineout, but Chiefs force them across the field. Finau steals the ball, Wrampling breaks up the left touch and the ball is kicked into the Drua 22.

Third minute - Pickerill brings them back for the Drua penalty - they kick for the corner, as Nanai-Setruo prepares to rejoin the game.

Second minute - Ratima tries to clear his 22, but the ball has been carried back and the kick is in touch on the full, so Drua lineout on the 22.

Drua win the lineout and a penalty advantage.

First minute - Wrampling has replaced Poihipi in the Chiefs backline for the second half. Drua kick off and Gatland returns along the ground.


40th minute - Sowakula secures the kickoff and McKenzie finds touch near the Drua 22. Chiefs steal the throw and shift right, where Taukei'aho enters the 22.

Chiefs build phases in midfield, but McKenzie can't find a way through. Chiefs win a penalty in front of the posts and Gatland kicks to the corner, but dead in goal to end the half. 

38th minute - TRY to Taukei'aho

Gatland kicks off and Drua can't take it cleanly. The Chiefs blow over the top and the hooker pounces to score.

McKenzie converts, CHI 31-12

37th minute - TRY to Naitokani

Drua take a tap and pour towards the tryline, where Naitokani picks up from the base of a ruck to score. Tela sends his conversion left, CHI 24-12

36th minute - Drua have a scrum about 10 metres out, but Chiefs are penalised again. Pickerill reaches into his pocker and Nanai-Seturo is dispatched with a yellow card.

34th minute - Drua take a tap five metres out, but the advancing Chiefs force them back. Chiefs tackling is sure, but they're penalised, when Retallick doesn't release in the tackle.

Chiefs are warned...

33rd minute - Drua continue to play under advantage and crab right across the field, where the captain spins over the tryline. He seems to have scored, but replays suggest he lost the ball on the grounding.

The try is disallowed, referee Pickerill brings them back for the penalty against Sowakula.

32nd minute - Drua are back to full contingent and have a five-metre scrum near the posts. Matawalu tries to muscle over and Drua win a penalty advantage on the tryline.

30th minute - Drua run from the scrum and Tamani dashes down the left touchline, before Canakaivata is tackled into touch.

29th minute - Chiefs claim the kickoff and try to break upfield, but a pass drifts forward and Drua will have a scrum feed near the 10.

26th minute - TRY to McKenzie

Ratima feeds a five-metre scrum for the Chiefs, who shift left and a long pass gives the fullback just enough space to outpace the final defender for the corner. McKenzie leaves his conversion right, CHI 24-7

25th minute - Tela drops out from the 22 and Gatland gathers the bouncing ball on halfway. Stevenson kicks ahead for Ratim to chase, but Ravutaumada beat them to the force.

24th minute - Drua win the lineout, but Finau charges down the clearing kick and can't catch the ball, before it bounces dead.

23rd minute - Drua scrum is strong, but Chiefs break downfield. Rona breaks and kicks ahead for Stevenson, but he is tackled into touch metres out.

22nd minute - McKenzie claims the kickoff and returns downfield, but the Drua counterattack into Chiefs half, before losing the ball forward.

20th minute - TRY to Boshier

Chiefs shift right, Finau goes close to scoring, and flanker is next to arrive and score. Vota is yellow-carded for a professional foul and Drua are down to 14.

McKenzie leaves the conversion left, CHI 19-7

19th minute - Cirikidaveta rumbles off the scrum, but loses the ball and Chiefs stream towards the Drua 22.

18th minute - Gatland's kickoff from halfway goes long, so Drua have a scrum in midfield.

16th minute - TRY to Canakaivata

Nasilasila wins the lineout just outside the 22 and Drua burst around the front of the line. Drua forwards keeping it tight, as they roll towards the tryline, where the flanker stretches out to score.

Tela kicks the conversion, CHI 14-7

15th minute - Drua cross halfway and win a penalty at the breakdown.

14th minute - Drua scrum is stable and they try to break out of their 22. Samusamuvodre sprints up the left touchline.

13th minute - Chiefs take the dropout and charge back into the 22, but Poihipi loses the greasy ball in a tackle. Drau scrum feed on their 22.

12th minute - Chiefs keep the ball in hand and Taukei'aho charges into the 22. Boshier chases a kick over the tryline, but Drua force it first.

11th minute - Samusamuvodre kicks ahead, but McKenzie returns with interest. Nanai-Seturo slides in to take the return kick and Chiefs break upfield again. 

10th minute - From the kickoff, McKenzie puts a clever kick down centrefield, but Nanai-Seturo can't quite gather it. Drua will have a feed to the first scrum.

Rain is pelting down.

Eighth minute - TRY to Stevenson

Gatland puts a superb kick across the field to Finau, who finds Stevenson steaming up in support. There are no Drua defenders to be seen.

McKenzie nudges the conversion over off the left upright to become the leading scorer in Super Rugby Pacific this season, CHI 14-0

Seventh minute - Drua win a defensive lineout and Stevenson takes a high clearing kick in midfield. Chiefs shift left and Poihipi chips ahead, but Drua clear.

Sixth minute - Drua wins a lineout on halfway and Tela puts a kick ahead, but the Chiefs break upfield through Rona and into the Drua 22.

Third minute - TRY to Ratima

Chiefs laying seige on the tryline, right and left, and the halfback spots a little gap off the ruck to sprint through and score. McKenzie converts from near the posts, CHI 7-0

Second minute - Drua win a defensive lineout, but the clearance doesn't reach the 22 in wet conditions.

Chiefs win the lineout and Sowakula charges towards the tryline.

First minute - Gatland kicks off for the Chiefs and McKenzie fields a return kick. Finau breaches the Drua 22 and Gatland kicks to the corner.

7pm - Rain has fallen on Hamilton for several hours, so conditions will be slippery and so will the ball, which may not help the visitors with their freeflowing style.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Chiefs v Fijian Drua clash at Hamilton's FMG Stadium.

Now halfway through the Super Rugby Pacific season, the home side remain unbeaten and sit atop the competition ladder, with a game in hand over nearest rivals ACT Brumbies and the Hurricanes.

The franchise has secured coach Clayton McMillan for a few more seasons and star hooker Samisoni Taukei'aho through the 2027 World Cup. Live is great in the City of the Future.

One slight blip on their rader this week is the absence of All Blacks captain Sam Cane with concussion - not the first time he has been hamper by head injury during his career - so hopefully he can make a clean recovery from that soon.

All Blacks Brad Weber and Tupou Vaa'i will take this game off, as McMillan fields a newlook inside back combination of Cortez Ratima and Bryn Gatland, with Damian McKenzie moving to fullback and Shaun Stevenson to the wing.

Drua have three wins from their seven games, but two of those have been in Fiji, while the other was against winless Moana Pasifika. They have been less daunting away from their passionate fanbase.

Join us at 7pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: Chiefs $1.06, Drua $8, draw $36

Chiefs: 1-Ollie Norris, 2-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 3-John Ryan, 4-Brodie Retallick, 5-Manaaki Selby-Rickit, 6-Samipeni Finau, 7-Kaylum Boshier, 8-Pita Gus Sowakula, 9-Cortez Ratima, 10-Bryn Gatland, 11-Etene Nanai-Seturo, 12-Rameka Poihipi, 13-Daniel Rona, 14-Shaun Stevenson, 15-Damian McKenzie

Reserves: 16-Tyrone Thompson, 17-Jared Proffit, 18-Solomone Tukuafu, 19-Josh Lord, 20-Tupou Vaa'i, 21-Simon Parker, 22-Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, 23-Gideon Wrampling

Drua: 1-Haereiti Hetet, 2-Tevita Ikanivere, 3-Samuela Tawake, 4-Isoa Nasilasila, 5-Ratu Rotuisolia, 6-Joseva Tamani, 7-Elia Canakaivata, 8-Te Ahiwaru Cirikidaveta, 9-Peni Matawalu, 10-Teti Tela, 11-Tuidraki Samusamuvodre, 12-Michael Naitokani, 13-Apisalome Vota, 14-Ilaisa Droasese, 15-Selestino Ravutaumada

Reserves: 16-Mesulame Dolokoto, 17-Livai Natave, 18-Jone Tiko, 19-Chris Minimbi, 20-Rusiate Nasove, 21-Phillip Baselala, 22-Kalione Nasoko, 23-Kitione Taliga


'I'm all in': McMillan has more to give Chiefs, NZ with extended contract

By his own admission, Clayton McMillan is no spring chicken, but feels he still has plenty more to give on these shores - even if that means holding off on pursuing other opportunities.

McMillan has re-signed as Chiefs coach until the end of 2026, but won't remain as Māori All Blacks mentor.

However, he has no desire to go anywhere else yet.

"I really didn't see any other need to be looking elsewhere," he said. "I think every coach and every player entertains the idea of heading overseas at some stage, but right here and now, it's just not for me.

The Super Rugby Pacific tabletopping coach has wasted little time contemplating his future and recommitting to the Chiefs shows that.

While he did have another year to run on his contract, McMillan wanted long-term certainty, not just for himself, but his players too.

"Making a commitment is a signal to them that I'm all in. If they want to be part of the ride, they know what it's going to look like."

That commitment is welcomed by his players too.

Clayton McMillan presides over the Chiefs
Clayton McMillan presides over the Chiefs. Photo credit: Photosport

"He's an awesome coach," said lock Brodie Retallick. "He knows how to create a great environment.

"The boys know where they stand with him and what he wants."

McMillan has won 73 percent of games, since taking over a struggling side in 2021.

That hunger at home is a big reason for staying, rather than looking at overseas opportunities or higher aspirations for now.

"If you do really well, then potentially you give yourself options, but for here and now, it's just head down and backside up," he said.

McMillan believes All Blacks coach-in-waiting Scott Robertson is a prime example of what can happen, if you bide your time.

"As much as he probably wanted the job a few years ago, he probably feels more ready now, having been through what he's been through, and he's got to where he wants to get to."

Luckily for McMillan, he has plenty more time to decide where it is that he wants to get to.

More to come