Air New Zealand Cup

The Mt Erebus crash memorial won't be finished in time for the 40th anniversary.

Government delays Erebus victims' national memorial

It won't be finished in time for the 40th anniversary of the crash.

The Impossible Burger.

MP rips into AirNZ's fake meat burger

Nathan Guy says the national carrier should promote NZ beef and lamb instead.

The Impossible Burger contains heme, an iron-containing molecule.

Air New Zealand launches meat-free burger

But you'll have to buy a business seat to taste it.

Air is one of the safest ways to travel.

Record number of planes in the air at once

More than 200,000 flights took off on June 29, and there were more in the air at once than ever before.

Mount Agung's last major eruption in 1963 killed around 1,600 people.

Air NZ cancels flights as Bali's Mount Agung erupts

The eruption has caused at least 48 flight cancellations.

Air New Zealand has been fined $16.3m for its part in a price-fixing air cargo cartel.

Air NZ fined $16.3m for price fixing

It was involved in an air cargo cartel along with many other airlines.

Air NZ Dreamliner.

Lightning hits Air NZ Dreamliner

Sunday night's thunderstorm in Auckland was as eventful in the air as it was on the ground.

Air New Zealand Cup

Gisborne airport's embarrassing air control blunder

A malfunctioning lock delayed an Air New Zealand flight by 30 minutes.

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 10: Planes at Los Angeles International Airport on July 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Air NZ takes top prize again

Our national carrier has been crowned New Zealander's best employer for the fifth time.

What should we call French Toast?

Is it time to take the French out of French toast?

A social media campaign wants to rename the popular dish.

Tigerair may be coming, but it will be some time away.

The 'world's cheapest airline' could be on its way to NZ

It'd be a big move in the war over the already competitive trans-Tasman route.

Airport Association wants watchdog to look into the deal.

Airports and airlines call for watchdog to stop Air NZ deal with Qantas

The alliance would be particularly bad for Virgin Australia.

New York is within reach.

Air NZ eyes non-stop Auckland to New York flights

Air NZ looking at new destinations with new aircraft.

Air NZ's Dreamliner issue explained.

Air NZ leases extra aircraft to cover for Dreamliner maintenance

Increased Dreamliner maintenance schedule has forced flight changes.

A Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Heathrow Airport

Qantas' plan to close the 'tyranny of distance'

Planemakers have offered a glimpse of the ultra-long-distance jets of the future.

Air New Zealand Cup

Air NZ and Qantas announce new partnership

The trans-Tasman rivals are working together in a new deal.

Air New Zealand plane at Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport accused of 'excessive' profits

It's said to be the second most profitable airport in the world.

The vile insects were reportedly crawling on passengers.

Roaches on a plane: Nauseating footage from NZ flight

The vile insects were reportedly crawling on passengers.

The plane circled above Tauranga Airport for an hour and a half.

Air NZ defends 'horrible' handling of stricken Tauranga flight

A spokesperson says pilots did keep passengers updated, all the while landing the plane safely.

Air New Zealand Cup

'It was horrible' - Passengers lash out at crew on stricken Tauranga flight

But the airline says pilots followed standard operating procedures.