ANZ banking services down for a third day as cyberattack impact continues

The DDoS cyberattack that stopped ANZ customers from accessing banking services this week is continuing into a third day.

"We appear to be experiencing intermittent outages with our online services again this morning. We will update you as we can," the bank wrote on Twitter.

It reassured customers that cards, ATMs and phone banking are still working while direct debits and automatic payments already set up would still go through.

On its Facebook page the bank said last night the outage "has mostly been resolved for our NZ based customers, [but] we've noticed our overseas customers are still experiencing some issues".

However, Aotearoa-based customers are again reporting difficulties on social media.

"Could you please also update customers on what steps you are taking to mitigate the risk of this happening again in future?" wrote one.

"It seems ANZ is the only group of the ones hit Wednesday that's still facing issues two days later. Really not ideal for customers."

Another simply wrote: "This is unbelievable! What is happening? Trying to access my money for three days!"

The cyberattack is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, with the aim to restrict or impair access to a computer system or network, says CERT NZ, the Government's cybersecurity agency.

"They typically target servers to make websites and payment services unavailable - preventing legitimate users from accessing the online information or services they need," the CERT website says.

"When you type a URL for a web page into your browser, you send a request to the site's computer system asking to view that web page. DDoS attacks work by 'flooding' a website with fake requests in an attempt to overload the system.

"As websites and networks can only process a certain number of requests at once, this blocks any genuine requests from getting through."

ANZ was one of a number of New Zealand websites and businesses impacted by the DDoS attack which started on Wednesday.

But Kiwibank, MetService and NZ Post, which all suffered outages, appear to be unaffected by any ongoing issues.

Earlier this month a major DDoS attack took out major New Zealand ISPs, with internet connections down for many across the country. Websites such as Sky TV, Twitch and Discord were also affected.