'Absolutely ridiculous': Outrage after Auckland Airport baggage problems

A technical fault at Auckland Airport led to some international flights being delayed on Monday.

Although the airport is still "busier than normal" due to a fault in the baggage handling system, the issue has now been resolved, a spokesperson said.

"Check-in and security screening is currently busier than normal and our team and Aviation Security are working hard to minimise delays for travellers."

In total, 15 flights were impacted by the glitch, the airport said.

One flight was delayed due to the problem.

The problem comes as the busy Christmas travel season reaches its peak.

Earlier on Monday, travellers took to social media to express their frustration at the hold-ups.

"Hey Auckland Airport, why can't you open up all the check-in counters?" wrote one person on Twitter. "Absolutely ridiculous that thousands of people are stuck waiting while you guys can't be bothered to open up counters."

Another traveller estimated there were around 100 people "stuffed in a small space" while they waited for the problem to be fixed.

"Hey @FlyAirNZ your 'premium' experience' in Auckland Airport feels pretty low rent," they wrote on Twitter.

"About 80 people stuffed into a small space and about three staff. No info being handed out as to what's going on. People getting very agitated."