Instagram's 10 best travel photos of 2019

Flash Pack's 10 best Instagram #travel photos of 2019.
Photo credit: Instagram / donaldhyip/ exploroads / jordhammond

For better or worse, Instagram is a major part of every getaway for many modern travellers.

More than a staggering 462 million photos with the hashtag #travel have been published on the social media platform since its launch.

Recent research conducted by the Facebook-owned app claims that 55 percent of 18 - 65-year-olds have booked trips purely based on images they had seen on it.

As the sun sets on 2019, Flash Pack has chosen the year's ten best travel photos published on Instagram.

The website is aimed at solo travellers in their 30s and 40s who enjoy "the thrill of backpacking, elevated by boutique hotels and seamless itineraries".

"We have devised a list that celebrates some of the most incredible experiences being shared across the world and inspires people to think about their next adventure for 2020, however big or small that may be," says Flash Pack of the ten images.

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