Stunning photos capture moment planes fly in front of sun and moon

A photographer living on the outskirts of Paris has shared his amazing collection of photographs that capture the moment aircraft leaving his local airport pass in front of celestial objects like the sun and moon.

Sebastien Lebrigand lives right under the flight path of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, one of Europe's busiest, and takes the photos from his back garden.

Using his camera and telescopic lens, Lebrigand plans for when either the Sun or Moon are going to be just in the right spot and then monitors flight tracking websites to make sure he's ready to snap away when the aircraft makes its pass.

Additionally, he posts the photos online with profiles of where the aircraft was flying to and what airline was operating it.

The result is these stunning images that illustrate, in one frame, different parts of the world's technological advancements:

A camera that has the ability to take a photo of an aircraft kilometres away passing in front of the brightness of the sun

An aircraft being able to fly with hundreds of people on it for thousands of kilometres

The power of the internet, which Lebrigand uses to share his images with fans around the world