United States flights forced to make fuel stops due to massive gas shortage

The country's biggest gas pipeline has been "hacked"
The country's biggest gas pipeline has been "hacked" Photo credit: Getty Images

Flights departing from cities within the United States are having to make fuel stopovers on the way to their final destinations after the country's largest gas pipeline was "hacked" by a group called DarkSide, causing its supply to be cut.

Passengers have been sharing details of their not-so-direct flights on social media.

One example was a non-stop flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Honolulu which had a stop in Dallas, Texas in order for the aircraft to have enough fuel to make its final destination.

Another flight from Charlotte to London went from being a non-stop service to having a stopover of approximately one hour in Boston to allow for more fuel to be added.

The shortage has also led to panic-buying from motorists across the country as fears grow of further cuts to fuel supplies.

While the cause of the shortage is very different, the effect it's had on flights is similar to the Auckland aviation fuel shortage in 2017.

The pipeline that supplied Auckland Airport with fuel was damaged leading to a shortage across the region.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled as airlines struggled to make do with less than a third of the fuel they were used to having.

The shortage meant many international flights had to make stops in other cities in order to get enough fuel to operate to their final destination. 

Emirates non-stop service to Dubai had to stop in Christchurch for fuel before beginning the more than 18-hour journey.

The group behind the pipeline hack in the United States has said their one goal was to make money out of their actions.