TikTokker fakes injured ankle to skip airport queues and get wheelchaired to his flight

A video posted on TikTok of a travel hack has racked up hundreds of thousands of views this week, but not all viewers are likely to be happy about it.

In the clip, TikTokker _smittythegoat_ shows his followers how he managed to "bypass 1000 people" when catching a flight from an airport in Chicago.

His hack didn't involve any sort of express pass or lounge access, instead he pretended to be injured and had someone wheel him in a wheelchair to his awaiting aircraft.

"When you see a loooooooong line at security and you bout to miss yo flight fake a injury skipp the hol line [sic]," text over the video reads.

He then removes his shoe and puts it in a shopping bag he has been carrying.

"They about to pull me straight past all those people in line I got a flight to catch," _smittythegoat_ continues in his video.

His luck is apparently much better than his grammar or spelling as he's then taken to his flight by an unaware and helpful airport staff member.

"Take the shoe off make it seem real," he adds on the video.

The video ends with him pretending to limp to his chair before putting his shoe back on.

The comments on the video were mostly positive, and some users also shared stories of how they had pulled similar tricks at US airports.

Paulina MX said she and her mum had done the same thing, but then a security guard told them it would be much faster if they pretended to be family members of an elderly woman in a wheelchair, so they got up and did that.

Another person commented about the lack of 'Karens' posting on the video complaining about the ethics of the young man's actions.

_smittythegoat_ describes himself as a mentor to people wanting to start successful businesses and a celebrity credit expert.

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