Video captures moment plane crashes into cars on San Diego Interstate 5

American freeways can be busy enough on a normal day, but Tuesday in San Diego was no normal day. A small plane with two people onboard was forced to make an emergency landing on Interstate 5, touching down amongst the dozens of cars around them just after 2pm local time.

Amazingly, no one was injured and damage was kept to a minimum.

The Piper PA-32-300 had taken off from Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport and had been in the air for just 18 minutes when the incident took place.

Video recorded from a CBS helicopter above the scene shows pieces of the aircraft broken off from the main body. One image seems to show a part of the wing stuck in the back of black SUV.

The San Diego Union Tribune reported four cars were hit by the plane as it landed. Inside was one of those was a couple visiting San Diego from Texas for their wedding anniversary.

"I didn't know at the time it was a plane, but it hit really hard and all of the sudden there was just glass everywhere, and I looked up and there was the plane, in front of us, just kind of all over the road," the couple told local media.

At this stage, no cause for the incident has been established.