More devastation as Typhoon Mangkhut sweeps through China

  • 17/09/2018

Typhoon Mangkhut has continued its destructive path as it sweeps through the southern coast of China.

Hong Kong and Guangdong have been battered by high winds and storm surges, with more than 200 people injured and authorities issuing their highest warning level.

Gusts of 160km/h signalled Mangkhut's arrival in Hong Kong. The hurricane force winds blasted the city, uprooting trees and ripping bamboo scaffolding off buildings.

Skyscrapers swayed and high-rise windows were blown out, leaving a trail of debris across the streets.

CNN's Ben Westcott says the city was lashed by "horizontal rain".

"I could see cranes, heavy metal cranes, just spinning as if they were twigs in the storm."

Boats battered the shore with powerful 10-metre waves and storm surges as the typhoon tore along the coast. 

Widespread flooding turned streets into rivers and sent cars crashing into buildings. Several people had to be rescued from their homes.

The world's largest gambling hub was suspended for the first time in its history, but not everyone paid attention to the warnings to stay inside.

Meanwhile more than 60 people have been killed in the Philippines, where the typhoon first hit - and the death toll is expected to rise. 

A rescue operation to free 40 miners trapped beneath a landslide is still underway. 

Mangkhut is expected to weaken as it continues to move inland, but the threat remains for millions of people in its path.


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