'FU45': Montana farmers mow Donald Trump protest into grass

'FU45': Montana farmers mow Donald Trump protest into grass
Photo credit: Twitter / Kathleen Johns

Two US farmers have gone to an extreme measure to ensure President Trump gets their message.

Farmers Kevin Crawford and Curtis Roe of Montana fired up their tractor and mowed "F-U-45" in large letters on a field near Yellowstone International Airport. 

Donald Trump is the nation's 45th President.

The 60ft tall lettering was directly in the landing path of presidential jet Air Force One, as the President visited the state on Saturday for a speech. 

Mr Crawford felt that mowing the letters into the field would prove more effective as a protest than protesting at the President's campaign rally in Montana, because "his wing-nut base loves nothing more than to think they are pissing off a bunch of liberals who are protesting". 

"It's just to express displeasure or disgust - or I could think of a lot of other adjectives," Mr Crawford told Montana newspaper the Great Falls Tribune. "My approach was: we said what we had to say with a lawnmower."

The farmer said his main objections to Mr Trump include "his treatment of women and minorities and his treatment of anybody who doesn't agree with him. He shouldn't be anywhere near the White House". 

"He's wasting taxpayer money, but he's wasted so much money it's hardly worth noting now," he added.

It's not the first time protestors have used large letters to dispute the President's visit to Montana. Protestors in October added letters to the giant "L" on Missoula's Mt Jumbo to spell "LIAR" ahead of Mr Trump's visit to the city,TV station WTHR reported.

'FU45': Montana farmers mow Donald Trump protest into grass
Photo credit: Screenshot / NBC Montana

Later, the word "IMPEACH" was spelled out around the large "M" on nearby Mt Sentinel in protest of the President. 


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