Giant mysterious penis art carved into Melbourne sport parks

Giant penis shapes have been mysteriously drawn into three Melbourne sport parks, with one measuring more than 100 metres long.

They were exposed when someone was scrolling across Google Maps and saw the phallic designs at Melbourne's TW Blake park. Further investigation found two more parks in the area scarred by the shapes.

TW Black park is the home of the largest penis at roughly 122 metres long and 20 metres wide, while the smallest was just 14 metres long, reports Australian media outlet Broadsheet.

Penis drawn into Melbourne park
Two parks scarred by penis shapes. Photo credit: Google Maps.

The screenshots were posted on Reddit and sparked questions about how someone managed to carve the massive shapes into the grass without detection.

One theory is that the penis shapes were sketched by students at a local school as an end of year prank in 2018.

They have also been compared to Peru's Nazca Lines, giant ancient artwork designed to be viewed only from the sky and believed to be made to appease the gods looking down.

The local Darebin Council told Broadsheet the images, which are believed to have been drawn by the same person, were made over the past summer.

"Darebin Council condemns this type of irresponsible vandalism on our parks and sportsgrounds," said Mayor Susan Rennie.

It will also be expensive to fix and may take months for the grass to recover.

"We urge members of our community who are equally as disappointed in this behaviour to call the police if they suspect an act of vandalism is taking place," Rennie said.


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