US woman admits leaving baby in a hot car while shopping at Target

Holli Platt shopped while her baby was left in a hot car.
Holli Platt shopped while her baby was left in a hot car. Photo credit: Chandler Police Department

The mother of a baby who was left crying and sweating in a hot car has been arrested by police.

The car was left locked while the baby's mother, Holli Platt, shopped at retail store Target in Chandler, Arizona on Tuesday (local time).

At the time of the incident, a witness called emergency services while breaking a window to rescue the child, Arizona Republic reports.

Platt has admitted leaving her baby in the car. The infant was assessed and found to have high blood pressure, but otherwise was not harmed.

Court documents say Platt told police forgot her baby was in the car because she was "distracted by her other three children", Arizona Republic reports.

Police said the outside temperature at the time was about 44C.

Platt was booked into prison on suspicion of child abuse on Tuesday (local time), and made her first appearance in court the next day, reports ABC News.

The broadcasting corporation cites a report saying that internal organs in children start to fail once their body temperature gets to 40C.