Favourability of communism rising among US Millennials, one-fifth want private property abolished

A third of Millennials in the United States view communism favourably, while about one-in-five believe society would be better if private property was abolished, a new report has revealed.

On Monday, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation released a report into American attitudes towards political ideologies which included results of a poll conducted by YouGov.

The results reveal around 36 percent of surveyed Millennials view communism favourably, an increase of eight percent from 2018. Communism is favoured by Millennials more than any other group.

Thirty-five percent of Millennials favourably view Marxism while 45 percent have a favourable view of socialism - but that is down a percent from last year.

Capitalism, however, remains the most favourably viewed ideology by Millennials, as it is by all age groups. Overall, socialism is the second-most favoured ideology, followed by communism and then Marxism. 

On the issue of whether all private property should be abolished, more than one-in-five Millennials agree - the most of any age group. Only 3 percent of Boomers agree. 

Pollsters also asked respondents whether it was a compliment or insult to call someone a communist. Sixty-one percent said it was an insult while only six percent believed it was complimentary. 

That compares to 16 percent of people believing it was insulting to be called a capitalist. Twenty-six percent of respondents said being called a capitalist was complimentary while the rest were neutral. 

Fascism was deemed the most violent ideology by respondents, followed by Marxism and then socialism. Only 8 percent of people believe capitalism is the most violent ideology. 

The survey was conducted between September 6 and 13 and included responses from 2100 Americans.

The full report and results can be found here.