British Foreign Office cat Palmerston returns to work after six months' stress leave

Palmerston pictured at the British Foreign office.
Palmerston pictured at the British Foreign office. Photo credit: Getty.

A beloved cat who lives and works in a UK government office has finally returned after taking six months' stress leave.

Palmerston, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office' (FCO) cat, has returned to his role as Chief Mouser.

The black and white feline was forced to take a hiatus after he was overloaded with treats given to him by government employees. 

Palmerston announced his return from his Twitter account on Monday.

"I am happy to announce that I will be returning to my Chief Mouser duties at the @foreignoffice this week!"

But employees will have to follow special 'Palmerston Protocols' to avoid a repeat of what happened six months ago.

Government workers will be expected to respect Palmerston's personal space and allow him to lead interactions.

According to the cat's Twitter account, Palmerston was finding it difficult to maintain a territory so large. 

"My new Zone is much more manageable, and has lots of comfy seats for naps," he posted. 

Most importantly, no-one other than his carers are allowed to feed Palmerston.