Video of woman urinating on Sydney train shocks internet

Video of a woman urinating on the floor of a Sydney train has disgusted the internet.

The footage shows the young woman laughing as she squats between the seats of the train and urinates, causing a river of liquid to run across the floor. 

She then uses her hand to wipe herself before rubbing her hand across the seat.

The video caused anger and revulsion on social media. Commenters on Facebook described the woman's behaviour as "putrid" and "feral".

"Looks like a beautiful girl but with gutter morals," said one woman on Twitter. 

"The smile says it all," wrote another.

"She has no respect for herself or others."

The Daily Mail reports the woman's social media profiles have all been removed after the video went viral.

A friend of the 21-year-old woman told the Daily Mail Australia it's because of the harassment she has received. 

"I guess anyone's reaction to [the video] would be the fact it's harassment and bullying and it should be taken down immediately," she is quoted as saying. 

"The things that are being said are disgusting."

New South Wales Police investigated the video but found no criminal offence had occurred.

"No further police action is expected," they said in a statement to