Police investigating after Aussie daredevils scale Sydney skyscraper to film TikTok video

Six Sydney daredevils have climbed scaffolding on one of the city's tallest skyscrapers in a social media stunt that's prompted widespread criticism and a police investigation.

The group filmed themselves atop a high-rise building in Rhodes, in Sydney's inner west, in videos that were later posted to TikTok.

Chilling footage shows them sitting on steel beams and walking across the scaffolding with no safety gear that would stop them plummeting to their death.

It's understood the videos were filmed about four months ago, 7 News reports.

The TikTok post from @astrasyd received more than 50,000 views before it was taken down amid an investigation by New South Wales Police, who told news.com.au they "strongly discourage this type of risky behaviour".

By this time, social media users had already heavily criticised the group.

"Why? All for creating content? You won't be able to see how many likes you have from your coffin," one person wrote.

"Do you ever think about what you will put your family through if you fall? Stupid and selfish," another added.

In response to one comment, @astrasyd reportedly said scaling the skyscraper was "a way to put shock into photography and videography".

"You really want to risk your life like this just for art… Surely there is another type of art you could do where you don't have to die in the process," another commenter wrote.

But the poster responded by saying the "risk of death is extremely low" and "even then, it's worth it".

"I wake up every morning with no regrets," he said.