Claims Russian President Vladimir Putin fell down stairs and soiled himself as declining health rumours continue circulating

  • 04/12/2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly fallen down some stairs and soiled himself as speculation of his allegedly deteriorating health continues.

Putin slipped down five stairs, falling on his tailbone, causing him to "involuntarily defecate", according to a report. The report also claims the President has gastrointestinal cancer which caused him to soil himself.

The report was from The General SVR Telegram social media account, which regularly suggests Putin is suffering from multiple health problems. The channel said the incident took place in front of Putin's bodyguards. 

Three bodyguards and a team of medics rushed to his aide, it claimed.

Speculation the 70-year-old's health has been deteriorating has become widespread throughout Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which started in February. There have been persistent rumours Putin is suffering serious health issues, with both cancer and Parkinson's disease touted as possible conditions. 

In April, Russian investigative outlet Proekt said Putin was regularly visited by an oncologist and speculated that he was suffering from thyroid cancer. It also reported that Putin had other ailments, including hockey injuries and back pain from an equestrian accident.

He was also previously seen slouching and tightly gripping a table during a televised meeting with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu.

In May, Putin was reportedly spotted coughing and huddled under a blanket at Russia's Victory Day parade.   

Last month, video footage called Putin's health into question once again after it showed the President's feet twitching and spasming during a face-to-face meeting with his Kazakhstani counterpart.

The new health claims come as Putin faces increasing pressure to win the war on Ukraine.

Russia has recently faced humiliating military setbacks including being forced to retreat from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, the only regional capital it had captured since its invasion began in February, earlier this month.

The withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson has reportedly raised doubts in Russia that Moscow can win the war. A senior military advisor for Ukraine said if Russia loses the war it will be the end for Putin