Video: Australian tourist 'lucky to be alive' after being brutally attacked by crocodile

  • 24/02/2023

An Australian tourist is lucky to be alive after surviving a crocodile attack that he caught on camera. 

On Wednesday, Aliaster McPhee, 37, took himself and his dog into the Bloomfield River, north of Cairns for a swim. But things went awry when a large crocodile launched itself at them.

The horrifying footage shows McPhee and his dog walking into the river and jumping in for a swim when the croc launched itself at his leg.

The croc lets go of its violent grip before it snatches McPhee's dog. The 37-year-old can be seen punching the croc several times in an attempt to get his dog back. But the crocodile rushes away.

McPhee can then be seen limping in pain back to shore. 

Lucky for the tourist, local ranger Nikita Jack-Tayley was near the remote river when the ordeal happened. 

Jack-Tayley told 7News "his dog just got taken" and hasn't been found since. 

The tourist suffered several deep cuts to his leg and was airlifted to Cairns hospital.

Josh Patterson from the Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation told 7News McPhee "is very lucky to be alive".

"Once you're grabbed by a crocodile there's a high chance you won't survive." 

7News reports there is plenty of signage in and around the river warning of the danger.

"I thought it was a bit silly of him entering the water because we do have croc infested waters," Jack-Tayley said. 

While McPhee recovers in hospital and mourns the loss of his dog, 7News reports local authorities will attempt to track the crocodile down and remove it.