Dingo drags child into water on Queensland's K'gari/Fraser Island

  • 22/06/2023
The attack took place as the child was standing on the water's edge.
The attack took place as the child was standing on the water's edge. Photo credit: Newshub.

A child was rescued by his older sister after a dingo dragged him from a camping ground into the nearby water.

The attack took place as the 10-year-old was standing on the water's edge in a camping ground on K'gari/Fraser Island, north of Brisbane. 

His 12-year-old sister was able to rescue him, 7 News reported. The boy sustained puncture wounds to his shoulders and arms. 

The family of the boy declined further medical attention but officials said the injuries were not thought to be serious.

It's the latest in a string of dingo attacks on K'gari. A 7-year-old boy and a 42-year-old woman were victims of separate attacks earlier this month, leading to the dingo being euthanised.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service said people needed to stay as far away from dingos as possible.

"Parents and carers are reminded to be extra vigilant to keep kids and teenagers safe from wongari (dingo)," the government said. "Wongari roam freely across the island, often blending in with the sand dunes where they can go unnoticed. Their movements are unpredictable and they can appear suddenly, moving at speeds of up to 60km/h.

"That's why it's important to keep kids within arm's reach, whether you're on the shore or at the water's edge."