Taskforce Kiwi volunteers help with mammoth cyclone clean-up in Queensland

Six Taskforce Kiwi volunteers have landed in cyclone-ravaged Queensland to offer some much-needed assistance with the clean-up.

"When we came into the airport yesterday, we travelled about an hour down the road to Nerang," said volunteer Kevin Geard.

"The first thing we noticed was there'd been lots of trees broken off at half-mast and the closer we got to Nerang, the more damage we'd start to notice."

Taskforce Kiwi is made up of Defence Force and emergency services' veterans and was established to respond to natural disasters around the world.

Cyclone Jasper hit Queensland almost a month ago, the wild weather bringing strong winds and flash flooding, cutting off towns and damaging properties.   

An estimated 250,000 people have been affected, and ongoing heavy rain has made the clean-up increasingly difficult.

Another volunteer, Kane Turner, said the team will be working through jobs from the local council.

"It's apparently 400 or 500 jobs available already within the first 18 hours or so," he told Newshub.  

"Most of it is clearing. Section-clearing, house-clearing and getting communities back up and running."

Taskforce Kiwi will be working with Disaster Relief Australia, who aided with the Cyclone Gabrielle response in Hawke's Bay last year.

"It's pretty similar. High water lines, damaged trees. There's areas that are looking at three to four weeks without power still, because they have to rebuild the whole power station," Turner said.  

Planning is already underway for the next deployment of Taskforce volunteers to Queensland within a few weeks.