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Quiz: Newshub's extremely basic Chinese test

You probably know more than you think.

Co-leader of Ngā Tūmanako Kawariki Morgan.

How a kapa haka group hopes to preserve te reo Māori

"We have lived through the benefits and we want that for our kids."

The Minister is encouraging fluent speakers to teach their family Te Reo.

Kelvin Davis encourages Māori to teach their kids Te Reo

"I blame my grandparents, two fluent speakers, not speaking Māori to their five sons."

Gary Harding speaks about the incident

'This is who we are': Man turned away from restaurant because of tā moko speaks out

A bouncer refused to let Gary Harding into the Melbourne restaurant.

The at-risk information includes details from passports, drivers' licences and birth certificates.

'It shouldn't have happened': Privacy Commissioner on digital breach

The leak isn't indicative of a wider problem, he says.

Emily Keefe.

American nutritionist shares what she can't stand about living in Australia

"What the heck is Maccas?"

Watch: Inside the mission to trap and desex Auckland's stray cats

The top five cat memes of all time, rated

They've been called "the essential building block of the internet" - but which is the best?

Watch: South Park is known for its subversive comedy.

Book of Mormon coming to New Zealand

The acclaimed musical comes from the guys who made South Park.

A marae.

Kiwis' mental health affected by sense of belonging to NZ - study

Researchers say it shows why Kiwis should help migrants connect with the local culture.

She's well-known for her fashion.

Kim Kardashian faces backlash for 'butchering' Japanese culture

She revealed her Kimono shapewear brand on Wednesday.

Watch: Quentin Tarantino snaps at a reporter's claims of sexist writing at Cannes 2019.

Model from Vietnam faces fine for 'skimpy' dress

A Government rep says it was offensive and caused "public outrage".

The group calling for a Straight Pride Parade have generated debate and controversy online.

US group campaigns for 'Straight Pride Parade,' calls heterosexuals 'oppressed majority'

"We will fight for the right of straights."


Kanoa's tearful homecoming at Chicago marae

"I don't know why I'm so emotional, it's just really beautiful."


Baby dies after parents perform home circumcision

A manslaughter investigation has been opened.


Coach of 'Skinny Bitch Collective' fitness group accused of using Maasai people as props

He's been called "ignorant beyond comprehension".


Pig saved from slaughterhouse creates world famous art work

Her name is Pigcasso.


Wellington is about to get a giant hand sculpture

The divisive hand, called 'Quasi', is on its way north.


Massive waka to miss Waitangi Day for first time due to lack of money

It usually leads the celebratory flotilla - but the Govt didn't fund the annual voyage.


Christchurch's Hagley Park hosts Holi-Festival of Colours

The event helped raise money for Canterbury West Coast air rescue services.

Kiwi teachers are earning more money in the UAE than in New Zealand.

Thinking of moving abroad? Here's what you need to know

If you're thinking of doing it alone, know that it's not that easy, writes Zane Small.