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Acres of dead cockles not my fault - developer

Thousands of shellfish were found dead in a north Auckland estuary in March.


The 10 Countdown stores where plastic bags are officially gone

Now could be the time to invest in reusable bags.

Smog in Beijing.

China aims to break the smog 'stalemate'

Xi Jinping says the country must fight against waste and irrational consumption.

Fracking, Oil, Crude Oil, Fossil Fuel, Fracking, Offshore Platform

Activists want more action against oil and gas exploration

"Even though a step has been taken, there is still plenty of work to do."

Twenty home sewists and thousands of home-sewn bags are making a world of difference to the west Auckland suburb of Titirangi.

Paper bags vs plastic: What's really best for the environment?

Are retailers striking a blow for the environment by banning plastic bags, or jumping on a bandwagon?

All 254 stores will transition to compostable bags.

Warehouse to phase out single-use plastic bags

They'll be replaced with compostable bags by the end of the year.

Te Waikoropupu Springs.

Lack of consultation on water protection order - farmer

A special tribunal is being held for a protection order on the Te Waikoropupu springs.

A plastic bag at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Plastic bag found at the bottom of the world's deepest trench

Literally a new low for humanity's treatment of the marine environment.

The annual Glacier Snowline Survey measured the melt-back and warned of a disturbing trend.

'Worst we've ever seen': NZ's glaciers ravaged by savage summer

"There's rocks sticking out everywhere."

Watch: Meet the crafty bag ladies taking Titirangi plastic-free.

Countdown announces first 10 supermarkets to go plastic bag free

It will eventually phase single-use bags out of all stores.

Kauri die back

North Shore walking track under investigation for Kauri dieback disease

Tracks in the Waitakere ranges already closed to prevent the spread of disease.


The organisation collecting 10,000 litres of rubbish a day

They've filled 200 shipping containers with loose litter and collected more than 60 million pieces of rubbish.

Forest and Bird alleges a Canterbury farmer destroyed a large swathe of a rare native shrub.

Canterbury farmer taken to court after allegedly destroying rare native plant

Ninety percent of New Zealand's Muehlenbeckia Astonii is found on Brent Thomas' farm.

Forest and Bird has taken farmer Brent Thomas to court over the issue.

Canterbury farmer taken to court after wiping out a third of native species

"In our view this is as important as clearing an area of beech forest."

neonicotinoids bees

EU to ban bee-harming insecticides

Environmental groups are buzzing with glee.

The Productivity Commission has been trying to work out how to transition to a carbon neutral economy by 2050.

How a carbon neutral economy could impact Kiwis' pockets

A carbon neutral economy will require a shift in the behaviour of New Zealanders, experts say.

Don't lose sleep over methane emissions - but do free up Fonterra.

How NZ can reach zero carbon emissions by 2050

Electric cars and planting trees are the big ones.


Rally against foreign water-bottling plants in Christchurch

A petition is fighting against two companies, set to take up to 24 million litres of water a day.

There is little choice to transition to a low-carbon economy, experts say.

Low-emission economy difficult but essential - report

A new report from the Productivity Commission warns of a hard road ahead to reach a zero-carbon future.

Helen Clark says New Zealand's "clean, green" reputation is in jeopardy.

US backpacker says NZ's 'clean, green' image is a myth

Marius Viktorius said he "felt cheated" by our tourism industry's PR in a scathing blog.