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Diving into NZ's 'most inaccessible places' in new virtual experience

Fancy swimming with sharks without getting wet?

A recent report showed half of New Zealand's regional councils do not inspect all their dairy farms annually.

Big fine for Waikato farmer over effluent

The judge said farmers have had ample time to understand the laws about dairy effluent.

The Government has given itself until 2020 to create new rules to stop the "degradation of fresh water".

Water for all New Zealanders

We need to cut red tape and work together, writes Mike Chapman.

Future Post's Jerome Wenzlick spoke to RadioLIVE's Rural Exchange about making fence posts out of recycled plastics.

The Kiwi start-up turning milk bottles into fence posts

Future Post is now looking into other sustainable products for NZ farms.


Amazing trailer for David Attenborough's new series

Netflix will release Our Planet in 2019.

Josh Thomson is a now a big fan of the dung beetle.

The Project's Josh Thomson investigates the dung beetle

"They take the poo all the way down, they aerate the soil - I'm backing them 100 percent."

A recent report said dairy farming has come at a cost to the environment. The introduction of the dung beetle could be one way to help turn things around.

Dung-eating beetles to help keep farms healthy

How a tiny beetle could mean big benefits for farmers.

A new report says two generations of humans have killed off more than half the world's wildlife.

Capitalism is killing off the world's wildlife

Don't blame all of humanity, argues environmental researcher Anna Pigott.

The Minister for Biosecurity has been warned repeatedly the kauri dieback programme is "not delivering".

Seed banking won't save New Zealand's native species - study

If we want future generations to enjoy kauri, we need to find another way.


Reusable bags could breed germs and kill, Seymour claims

He says up to 20 people could die each year.

Taft Point, Yosemite Park.

Yosemite: Two visitors fall to their deaths

The deaths are the most recent in a spate of tragic fatalities at the park.


'We need a moratorium on motorways' - Former Auckland Deputy Mayor

Auckland Councillor Penny Hulse warns 'transformative' change is needed.

New research has found wind blowing across the Ross Ice Shelf creates an eerie sound.

Listen: The sad reason Antarctica is making a humming noise

Scientists believe it's a warning sign.


'Off the grid' Great Barrier Island leading the way on climate change

The island is reliant on generators and solar panels for electricity.


Bizarre 'majestic headless chicken monster' spotted in Southern Ocean for the first time

In the words of the Australian Antarctic Division - "behold".

Video: Blockages in wastewater pipes have previously caused raw sewage to overflow onto Auckland's beaches.

The disgusting, slimy junk clogging up sewer systems

It's not pretty.

Location of the crash.

Hazardous truck crash threatens wetland

A truck that tipped on Friday at Pukerua was carrying hazardous chemicals.

The change will remove millions of items from the company's waste.

Air NZ getting rid of more single-use plastic

The change will remove millions of items from the company's waste.

More than 100 fraudulent votes were cast for the white-faced heron last year.

Bird of the Year: Last chance to vote

Or cheat, if you're Australian.

Megan Woods on Newshub Nation.

Govt 'trying to close down people's voice' on oil and gas - National

People were given only two weeks to have their say on changes to the Crown Minerals Act.