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Watch: Dr Jane Goodall talks to The Project's Jesse Mulligan.

Watch: Dr Jane Goodall urges people to take action against climate change

13 minutes ago

She says there is not enough focus on the next generation.

Soft plastics are everywhere - but efforts are being made to use less and less.

Man who designed disposable packaging now fighting against plastic waste

1 hour ago

"I discovered the damage disposable packaging was having in the environment, to my horror."

Watch: Anti-water bottling protesters say 'enough's enough'.

Water bottling protesters scatter plastic over Mt Maunganui Beach

A Tauranga bottling plant has been given the green light to operate all-day, six days a week.

Protesters outside the ECAN debate, where the decision was passed to declare Canterbury officially in 'climate emergency'.

ECAN declares Canterbury in official state of 'climate emergency'

The crowd went wild after the decision was passed.

Watch: Climate change activists clashed with motorists in a series of tense stand-offs in Auckland recently.

Why the fight to save the environment matters

Now it is time for action from all levels of society, write Mike Joy and Sylvie McLean.

A pipeline may run to Jackson Bay through a sanctuary.

Company still fighting for pipeline through conservation land

That's despite massive backlash from the public for years.


Our obsession with growth is costing us our planet - economist

"At the global scale, we absolutely are failing ourselves and our planet."


Govt unveils new marine sanctuary near Timaru

It will run from Timaru to Southland.

David Hall speaks to Finn Hogan for Newshub Nation.

Only cure for climate anxiety is climate action - expert

Feeling overwhelmed? Do something about it, says AUT's David Hall.

Watch: New Zealand's recycling sector is in crisis.

Recycling plan just 'eco-babble' - National

But council experts are saying it's time to just get on with it.

A Chorus van and some rubbish.

Chorus technicians caught dumping rubbish on roadside

The company called the behaviour "simply unacceptable".

Watch: A student asked the Prime Minister what impact the student climate strike will have.

Dear 'Woke Left', please stop breeding

Children are the problem - not solution - to climate change, writes Ryan Bridge.

The tune is in a style called gamelan.

Sir David Attenborough - dance music pioneer?

The veteran nature broadcaster is hosting an unusual remix competition.

Watch: Buy or brew? Why a coffee expert says doing it at home is better

How a Wellington start-up's takeaway coffee idea is saving the planet

For a $3 deposit you can tackle our single-use culture.

The bird's numbers have risen to 444.

How the mōhua went from rare to common in 21 years

The native bird's population has exploded in just two decades.

Concert-goer Tim Dorrian took a video of the single-use plastic cups that lay scattered across Westpac Stadium's field following a Eminem performance.

Coffee cup sharing network takes on single-use culture

Cafes in Wellington share a pool of steel reusable cups for customers to use.

James Young-Drew, Generation Zero's Zero Carbon Act policy lead, speaks to Newshub.

Revealed: How the Government will fight climate change

New emissions reductions targets are set out.

Watch: A student asked the Prime Minister what impact the student climate strike will have.

Kids could be key to making adults pay attention to climate change - study

They work best against conservative people.


No plans for New Zealand to ban polystyrene - GovT

It says businesses have to step up instead.

Cocaine is detected in samples of Suffolk's rivers and shrimp.

Cocaine found in UK's rivers and freshwater shrimp

Scientists are shocked by traces of Class A drugs in Suffolk's fresh water.