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Cattle grazing in a feild with the sun rising in the background.

Waikato dairy company slapped with record fine after stench causes headaches, vomiting

1 hour ago

The judge said the odour impacts on local residents were profound.

Dr Eva Hakansson spoke about her plans to go even faster.

Auckland Uni engineer on mission to prove electric motorcycle fastest in the world

Her next goal is to hit 605 km/h.

Climate activists protest climate change inaction.

Green vote surges in Swiss election

"It is not a green wave, it is a tsunami, a hurricane."

Watch: Christchurch fish and chip shop stops selling popular tarakihi as stock levels hit 'crisis point'.

Cut down on fish and chips to save fish and chips - LegaSea

LegaSea says we can't have our fish and eat it too.

The Government recently unveiled plans to improve freshwater, including cutting the user of fertiliser.

Researchers to explore nanotechnology for the agriculture sector

They say it could increase productivity and reduce environmental impacts.

The Ministry for the Environment says New Zealand's oceans are threatened on multiple fronts.

'How did we get into this mess?': NZ oceans threatened on 'multiple fronts'

A damning report finds 90 percent of seabirds are at risk of extinction.

Watch: Stuart Cotton's video he made after clearing rubbish from the side of the highway.

'Downright lazy': Farmer calls out litterbugs on rural roads

"I wonder how many of them have been kicking up a stink about what's going on in the rural community."

Farmers and councils will be held responsible for freshwater quality in the Government's new proposed standards to protect waterways "under serious threat".

Frustration as 'green stream' complaints flow in around Waikato

"The rural community and the farming industry expect better from their own."

Two women shop in a secondhand store together.

Secondhand clothing predicted to overtake fast fashion within a decade

Concern over climate change and human rights are driving the change.

Farmers and councils will be held responsible for freshwater quality in the Government's new proposed standards to protect waterways "under serious threat".

Opinion: Why don't New Zealand farmers want to look after their golden goose?

We actually have to prove we are a clean, sustainable country, writes freshwater ecologist Russell Death.

The move has angered some residents.

Wellington Botanical Gardens rubbish bins removed

The move has angered many residents.

Cage diving uses burley and bait to attract sharks.

'Huge relief': Supreme Court overturns shark cage diving decision

The decision follows a ruling by the Court of Appeal last year.

The Government recently revealed plans to protect prime food-growing land.

Minister rejects claim vegetable prices will skyrocket under proposed policies

"No one is suggesting that we should be closing down vegetable growing in New Zealand."

Glenlivet's new capsule collection

Whisky drinkers disgusted by Glenlivet seaweed capsules

The company's latest range of "glassless cocktails" is as controversial as it is eco-friendly.

The protest was organised by Extinction Rebellion.

Watch: Climate change protesters caught red-handed after firehose mishap

Eight people were arrested at the protest.

Flight-shaming appears to be hitting the aviation industry.

Flight-shaming hits air travel as 'Greta effect' takes off

Flight-shaming appears to be hitting the aviation industry.

According to an Australian professor, the environmental cost of pet ownership is significant.

Do we need to rethink our pets for the sake of the environment?

"The carbon footprint of a large dog is significant."

Watch: Greta Thunberg delivered a scathing message at the United Nations.

Supporting Greta Thunberg is evidence of 'white supremacy', activists claim

"Greta at the UN was the epitome of white privilege/white power."

Special bins are now being trialled in some Auckland stores.

McDonald's moves to recycle cups

The cups will be recycled and turned into cup holders.

Watch: Newshub Nation explores what New Zealanders will have to change and when to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

How to cope with climate anxiety

If you are feeling anxious over climate change, you aren't the only one.