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Fonterra signals end of coal use

The dairy giant is to stop installing any new coal boilers or increasing coal capacity.

Forget the Titirangi chickens, meet the Western Springs geese.

Hordes of highly aggressive geese and invasive ducks infest Auckland park

Forget the Titirangi chickens, meet the Western Springs geese.

Watch: James Shaw on Newshub Nation.

Opinions on Zero Carbon Bill still split as submissions close

Some claim the Bill is too tough, while others say it's not strong enough.


The Aussie packaging giant given multimillion-dollar Government grant

Eugenie Sage said it's an 'effective response' to China refusing to import waste.

Black Mirror season five trailer featuring Miley Cyrus has fans hyped.

Miley Cyrus says Millenials don't want babies

She says climate change is to blame.

Watch: Miramar Peninsula is set to be pest-free by Christmas time.

Can Stewart Island become the biggest pest-free island in the world?

The Department of Conservation has unveiled a new plan.


How hard is it to care about the environment, and are we doomed if we don't act now?

"If people give up their egos… a huge impact can be achieved."

Bees play an important role in the ecosystem.

Bee-attracting bus stops: Could Auckland adopt Holland's biodiversity focus?

Is the city letting a prime opportunity fly away?

Tourist swimming near a humpack whale near Nuku'alofa, Tonga.

Why you should think twice before swimming with whales

It's popular for tourists in Tonga, but it's disturbing whale mother-calf behaviour.

Watch: Oriental Bay has some of the world's worst plastic pollution - study

Opinion: Five simple ways to reduce the plastic you're using

It's not about going zero-waste, it's about making environmentally conscious choices.

Watch: Oriental Bay has some of the world's worst plastic pollution - study

Five things to ban next for a greener New Zealand

Plastic bags are gone, but let's keep the ball rolling.

Watch: Seal rescued after horrible laceration from fishing line 'noose'.

The effect ocean junk is having on sharks and rays revealed

Hundreds of new cases of sharks and rays entangled in nets and plastic waste have been uncovered.

A mass protest in Auckland on Saturday saw around 200 people march up Queen St.

Great Barrier chosen as dumping location because it's cheap - board chair

A Great Barrier Island leader wants a rethink on proposed dumping in its marine waters.

Watch: A report on Environment Aotearoa.

Kiwi charity at forefront of fight against climate change

A report says planting trees is the best solution.


The pitched battle over Titirangi trees

There's tension between locals and the council.

Watch: How a meat-free world could affect Kiwis and the agriculture sector.

People should stop claiming plants can think - scientists

Not even all animals have consciousness, let alone plants, they're arguing.

The heartbreaking scene was captured on a Florida beach.

Bird photographed feeding chick cigarette butt on beach

Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide.

To flush or not to flush?

Are 'flushable' wet wipes really flushable?

"You're looking at about $16 million of ratepayers money, just to unblock sewers."

See Newshub Nation's full investigation into 1080.

1080 most effective way to control our pest epidemic

Let's not beat around the bush - 1080 is great and we need more of it, writes Peter Williams.

Greenpeace is calling on the Government to step up and introduce a plastic-free New Zealand plan.

Auckland Mayor praises plastic bag ban

But Greenpeace says there's still a long way to go.