Greens could be out of Parliament, poll reveals

  • 17/08/2017

The Green Party could be out of Parliament as a result of the Labour new leader's popularity and the fall-out from Metiria Turei's resignation.

The Greens have dropped 11 percentage points to 4 percent, according to the TVNZ-Colmar Brunton poll - its worst result in the poll since 2009.

On these results, the Greens wouldn't get so much as a seat through party vote and have to rely on an electorate win to get into Parliament instead.

It could be a disaster for Labour, despite the party swelling 13 percentage points to 37 percent.

Previous Newshub-Reid Research polls would require Labour to work with not just the Greens, but also with Winston Peters' New Zealand First party, to form a Government. Even then, it would be a close-fought battle, with National's polling also putting it in contention and needing a coalition with Mr Peters.

The TVNZ-Colmar Brunton poll saw NZ First dropping 1 percentage point to 10 percent, with National down 3 percentage points to 44 percent.

But despite the disastrous result, Greens' sole co-leader James Shaw told TVNZ he wasn't giving up yet, saying he was sure the party would bounce back.

The party's struggle for popularity comes after former co-leader Metiria Turei revealed she was forced to defraud WINZ in order to get enough money on the benefit to help raise her daughter.

However after her initial announcement, which was well-received by the Greens' audience, things began to go south as it was revealed Ms Turei had also fraudulently registered at her daughter's father's address to vote for a friend in  an election.

It was also revealed one of Ms Turei's flatmates, at the time she was misleading WINZ, was her mother.

Ms Turei announced her resignation last week, saying the scrutiny on her family in the fallout had "become unbearable".

A Newshub-Reid Research poll released on the same day saw Greens drop to 8.3 percent - a result which would still see it enter Parliament. The poll was conducted before Ms Turei's resignation.

Ardern in strong contention for preferred PM

The poll released on Thursday also backed up the most recent Newshub-Reid Research poll on preferred Prime Minister, making it clear Labour made the right call in replacing Andrew Little with Jacinda Ardern.

Ms Ardern's neck-and-neck with National leader Bill English on 30 percent, soaring up 24 percentage points.

Newshub's poll saw her surge 19.6 percentage points, up to 26.3 percent - just 1.4 percent behind Mr English.