Daniel Radcliffe gushes about New Zealand after filming Guns Akimbo in Auckland

Kiwi Harry Potter fans are in mourning as Daniel Radcliffe has left our shores after a month shooting his latest film in West Auckland.

Dry those tears though, Muggles - he leaves promising he'll be back.

Radcliffe, 28, has the lead role in Guns Akimbo; an R-Rated action comedy written and directed by local filmmaker Jason Lei Howden (Deathgasm).

The film is a co-production with Germany, so Radcliffe and the rest of the cast are now en route to Munich for the rest of the shoot.

But his time in Auckland was clearly special for the actor, who told Newshub that he has absolutely loved his first time here.

"I always get to know a place through the crew and through the making of the film and it's been lovely," said Radcliffe.

"I am definitely going miss a lot of the people, because they've really made it a wonderful experience."

While most of the shoot took place on soundstages at Studio West in Glen Eden, there were some on-location night shoots in central Auckland.

"To all the people who we annoyed when we filmed on Customs Street, stopping traffic - I am very sorry and thank you for your patience. Unless you're one of the people who shouted at us, in which case, screw you buddy.. keep walking"

Radcliffe was full of genuine praise for the city and can't wait to return to explore further around New Zealand.

He confessed that while he has seen the Lord of the Rings films, he never trusts movies to accurately depict a location, convinced Sir Peter Jackson's Middle-earth is really just CGI.

"Everyone has been genuinely so warm and friendly. I will definitely, 100 percent be coming back here on holiday," said Radcliffe.

"We've been walking around Auckland and the surrounding areas going 'this is so beautiful, this is amazing', and everyone's like, 'this is nothing, you need to go exploring'. But I'm from London and this is beautiful - you're by the sea, you've got the water right there, you travel half an hour and your surrounded by mountains - and everyone's still like, 'this is nothing'."

One place Radcliffe is definitely keen to check out is one of the most popular tourist hotspots of the South Island.

"Everyone says we've gotta go to Queenstown. It must be a literal heaven the way everyone has talked about it, I've never heard a place so unanimously talked about in glowing terms, I'll have to come back and go there at some point."

Guns Akimbo is set for release in 2019 and also stars Australian actresses Samara Weaving and Natasha Liu Bordizzo.