'I'll give her a year': Kodak Black reveals he's interested in Nipsey Hussle's widow Lauren London, sparks outrage

Nipsey Hussle hasn't been dead a week and already another rapper is moving in on his girlfriend.

The 33-year-old was fatally shot outside his own clothing store in Los Angeles on March 31, leaving behind his partner of six years, actress Lauren London. The couple had one child together.

London has posted about her grief on Instagram, writing that she is "completely lost" without Hussle, whom she called "my best friend, my sanctuary, my protector, my soul".

Those heartfelt words were apparently lost on 21-year-old rapper Kodak Black, who spoke about London in a less than respectful manner during an Instagram Live.

"Lauren London - that's baby, though," Black can be heard saying in the video. "She about to be out here single. She's finna [sic] be a whole widow out here."

He went on to outline his intention to date London, saying he'd be the "best man I can be" for the mourning single mother.

"I'd give her a whole year, she might need a whole year to be crying and shit for him," he said.

Generously, he then said he would give her up to two or three years to get over Hussle before making his move.

Black's comments have been met with outrage on social media.

It's not Black's first encounter with controversy. In March he was widely criticised for releasing a song with homophobic lyrics in which he said he intended to have sex with lesbian rapper Young MA "as long as she got a coochie".

"How are you a girl but don't want your p***y penetrated?" he said of the song in another provocative Instagram Live.

Black now faces his biggest controversy yet: allegations of rape.

He's been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct after being accused of raping a high school student in a South Carolina hotel after a concert in 2016.

While Black is currently on tour, local newspaper The State reports he will probably have to return to South Carolina in the coming months to stand trial.