Netflix's new 'cute' and 'cheesy' rom-com is NZ-filmed Falling Inn Love

Falling Inn Love.
The film was filmed in NZ and stars popular US actress Christina Milian. Photo credit: YouTube trailer/Falling Inn Love.

Netflix's newest rom-com Falling Inn Love is coming to screens across the world on August 29 - and fans are pumped for it.

The Netflix original, filmed entirely in New Zealand, features US singer and actress Christina Milian - known for the classic 2000s rom-com Love Don't Cost A Thing and her role in the Bring It On franchise. 

The film is known to have been primarily shot in Thames, although the cast and crew have also been spotted on Auckland's west coast beaches.


So what's it about?


Gabriela Diaz's (Christina Milian) San Francisco design firm collapses the same week as she is dumped by her boyfriend. Fuelled by wine and Wi-Fi, Diaz takes the top prize in a 'Win an Inn' contest, and sets out to start a new chapter with a one-way ticket to New Zealand.

To her dismay, the Bellbird Valley Farm is anything but idyllic. As city girl Diaz struggles to navigate her new way of life, she partners with bighearted Kiwi contractor Jake Taylor (Adam Demos) to renovate the crumbling inn - complete with floor-treading goat and meddling neighbour.

Despite her eagerness to sell the property - and fast - Diaz soon starts to see that home is where the heart is.

Netflix's new 'cute' and 'cheesy' rom-com is NZ-filmed Falling Inn Love
Photo credit: Supplied.

Who's in it?


Falling Inn Love boasts Aussie actor Adam Demos and Shortland Street's Claire Chitham and Anna Jullienne. Other names include Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Blair Strang and Jonathan Martin.

Fans of '90s romantic drama Cruel Intentions and Cameron Diaz's fluffy early 2000s rom-com The Sweetest Thing should be in luck, as Roger Kumble has returned to directing after a nine-year hiatus. 

The film's release date has generated mostly positive reactions from social media's rom-com fanatics, with many claiming they "can't wait" to watch the "cute" comedy.

The casting of Aussie Adam Demos, however, has sparked a little controversy as a handful of Facebook users questioned why a Kiwi talent wasn't picked for the role.

Falling Inn Love will premiere on Netflix from August 29.