New documentary showcases New Zealand's Villa Maria wines

If you like a drop of wine, then you may be interested in a new documentary showcasing the New Zealand wine industry.

When Stu Dudley set out to be a winemaker, he didn't imagine he'd be the star of a film about the industry he works in.

But he's now front and centre showcasing Villa Maria wine to the world in a new documentary called Vintage.

"Vintage really is about the culmination of so many things. It's about really passionate people, [it's] about an awful lot of work," Dudley says.

New Zealand vineyards exported more than $1.8 billion worth of wine in 2019 - which is over 287 million litres.

Villa Maria exports to more than 60 countries. While this documentary shows their journey to harvest, Dudley sees the film as a huge opportunity to take New Zealand and its wines to the world.

"I think it will portray the New Zealand wine industry in a really good light as well.

"We're a pretty special place here in Marlborough and up in Hawke's Bay, and it gives the world a little channel to see what we're doing and how it comes about."

But making world-class wines isn't all wine-tastings and standing on grassy knolls gazing off across picturesque valleys lined in vines. Vintage shows the pointy end of production, the immense pressure and the incredibly intense highs and lows of working at a vineyard.

And if that isn't stressful enough, there's a film crew following you about.

"I think we were really lucky that 2019 was a good vintage weather-wise. We were more tolerant of having some people follow us around," Dudley says.

But while Dudley was the star of Vintage, he's excited to get back to the peace of his vines.

Vintage is available to stream on ThreeNow.