Oscars: Jojo Rabbit's Ra Vincent among New Zealanders nominated

The Hollywood awards season reaches fever pitch on Monday (NZ time) with the 92nd Academy Awards.

Not since 2003 with The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King have we seen so many New Zealanders in the running for the gold.

Production designer for Jojo Rabbit Ra Vincent is among those nominated.

His work is world-class. And while this isn't his first Oscar rodeo, it doesn't get any less nerve-wracking the second time around.

"The world kind of stops turning and everyone in the room is all at the same level - and we're all holding our breaths," he says.

Oscar or no Oscar, he's already aware of what a big deal being nominated is.

"Being nominated in itself, it's kind of amazing. Well that is the prize, basically. The nomination is the prize."

Vincent is a longtime collaborator of Taika Waititi's. This year's six nomination haul for Jojo Rabbit comes as no surprise.

"He is, at the moment, the darling of Hollywood. And I hope that continues for as long as is necessary for him to continue to tell a few more really great stories," Vincent says.

Right now, Waititi is playing the lead in his own Oscar story. Whether he wins one or not on Monday, he will still take the stage at the Dolby Theatre as a presenter.