Whittaker's NZ launches Ed Sheeran chocolate charity auction for Auckland flood relief

New Zealand chocolate giant Whittaker's has released five limited-edition Ed Sheeran-inspired chocolate packs for charity to raise funds for those affected by Auckland's flooding.

The special "Ed-ition" prize packs will include the chocolate block created for the 'Shape of You' singer after he relented and admitted New Zealand chocolate was "actually alright" - years after initially dissing it.

Whittaker's created a block especially for the singer when Sheeran made a desperate late-night plea for chocolate after he'd wrapped his record-breaking Wellington Sky Stadium gig last week.

"Whittaker's NZ chocolate, you made a bar of chocolate with my face on it, I've just seen the memes," he said at the time.

"I'm in Wellington for one more day. Please get me a bar and all is forgiven," he added, before ending his video by blowing a kiss.

While the company made a mock-up of the block, Sheeran took issue with the picture involved, and instead provided a selfie which has been used on the chocolate block's label.

The 'Ed Block' features Whittaker's classic Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk chocolate and each prize pack contains a signed Special Ed-ition Ed Block, a signed one-of-a-kind Ed Block T-shirt - each with a unique caption - and a year’s supply of Whittaker’s Chocolate.

Funds raised from the sales will go to the Auckland City Mission - Te Tāpui Atawhai.

"At the Mission, we're incredibly humbled to have the support of Whittaker's and Ed! With so many community organisations helping in the aftermath of the flooding, the Mission is taking this fundraising opportunity to support those organisations too so that together we can help as many people as possible," said Helen Robinson, the City Mission CEO.

Light-hearted banter began between Whittaker's and Sheeran after he posted to Instagram with the caption "NZ chocolate is actually alright."

On Friday, Sheeran received the block and hinted there could be an auction to raise funds for Auckland flood relief efforts.

"Whittaker's chocolate thank you so much, all is forgiven, I love the chocolate bar. Not sure on the picture, let's be honest. But all is forgiven - I love you guys. You make great chocolate," he said on his Instagram Story.

At the time of writing, bidding for the packs had already hit over $900 on one of the listings, with the others also sailing past the $610 mark less than an hour after the auctions launched.

You can bid on the Ed Sheeran blocks on TradeMe and also at the Mission's Givealittle page.