Latest Flash trailer dials up more Batman nostalgia, more Michael Keaton

The latest trailer for upcoming superhero movie The Flash is leaning more heavily Michael Keaton's returning Batman.

The movie will see Ezra Miller's Barry Allen dealing with the consequences of going back in time and saving his parents from dying.

The trailer opens on Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne telling Allen how much the death of his own parents shaped him, and in the process created the Batman persona.

"I spent a lifetime trying to right the wrongs of the past, as if fighting crime would bring my parents back," he said.

"You actually did it." 

The trailer also shows more of Ben Affleck's Batman and the new Supergirl, as well as another look at Michael Shannon's General Zod.

There's also a reference to an infamous line uttered by Keaton in the first Batman movie from 1989, where he confronts Jack Nicholson's Joker.

"You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts," Keaton says in the new trailer.

Keaton last played the role of Batman in 1992's Batman Returns.

Warner Bros. Discovery, which owns Newshub, released the newest trailer for The Flash during the company's CinemaCon appearance at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Fans have been quick to praise the clip, with many saying how "fun" it looked.

"Well, that was insanely cool," one commented on YouTube.

"God damn this looks fun," another said.

"This is going to be one of the best multiverse movies ever!" said another commenter.

The Flash, directed by IT's Andy Muschietti, is due to release on June 15.