Actress Hailee Steinfeld says new movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse dives deeper into Gwen's character

Animated Oscar-winner Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is hailed as a superhero masterpiece.

With the sequel out next week, how do the filmmakers top such a work of genius?

Miles Morales - in his universe he's Spider-Man, and in our universe he's the beating heart of an Oscar-winning animated Spider-Man film that blew the collective minds of Spidey fans everywhere.

After years of waiting, now genius filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have delivered the first of their two sequels - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One).

"Everyone worked really hard. One-thousand people worked on this movie for four years to try and make something special and something you've never seen before. And I think they succeeded," Miller said. 

The animation, the emotion, the sheer scale are matched only by the sheer thrill of being back in these magical Spidey dimensions - even Miles Morales and Gwen are in awe.

"These are like mad scientist geniuses, you know they have their own creative process. If you sign up to work with them you just gotta trust them, be a part of their process," actor Shameik Moore said.

"I just feel so lucky to be part of this world and this time around we do get to dive a bit deeper into Gwen specifically about her and her origin story and why she is such a beloved character," actress Hailee Steinfeld said. 

"She has such a strong POV [point of view] in this movie and a bold voice which you will definitely hear."

Gwen's voice, and so many others, together gift their legion of fans another gloriously immersive cinematic experience. Across the Spider-Verse opens this week.