OnlyFans star Anna Paul confirms split with boyfriend Glen Thomson amid cheating rumours

Anna Paul has confirmed she's split with her OnlyFans partner Glen Thomson.
Anna Paul has confirmed she's split with her OnlyFans partner Glen Thomson. Photo credit: TikTok

One of Australia's most popular influencers Anna Paul has revealed she's no longer in a relationship with boyfriend Glen Thomson.

The pair had been together for eight years.

In a TikTok post on Saturday, Paul posted an emotional video in which shed tears while revealing the pair had split.

"So, Glen and I broke up. We were together for eight years, and I know that my relationship is a relationship that you guys look up to," she said in a video that's been viewed 31 million times on the platform.

"As in like, 'The only reason I believe in love is because of Anna and Glen'. We still love each other so much. It was a mutual breakup.

"We've been together since we were 15 and now we're 24. I love him so much, but we're just not in a relationship anymore. We are now both single."

At the end of the video, her now-ex Thomson made an appearance as he planted a sweet kiss on Anna's forehead.

The pair had also published pornographic content together on their OnlyFans account and amassed millions of viewers and followers.

Thomson has taken to social media to deny rumours of cheating made in the hours following the breakup announcement.

"There are so many fake conversations online about one of us cheating!" he said. 

"I just wanted to be clear that neither of us cheated. We both aren't like that."

Paul has since posted a follow up video to her TikTok explaining how stunned she was to see over 30 million had watched the original video and to reiterate "breakups were hard".

"Glen left today," she said the video, before going on to say it was hard enough to split up with him, but was even harder knowing over 30 million people had either commented or watched the video.

"We can't believe how nice you guys have been and so supportive, thank you so much - we're one big family."

Commenters have made it clear how the breakup has affected them.

"The kiss at the end made me cry," one said on TikTok.

"Why do I feel like I just got broken up with," another distraught fan wrote.

"It's actually worse when it's mutual because you both love each other so much but can no longer be together," another said.

"Nah, that ruined my day. I'm so sorry for everyone in the chat. My condolences," another wrote.