Ryan Bridge cheekily asks if Isobel Ewing gets a 'sore bum' after cycling hundreds of kilometres across Pakistan

AM host Ryan Bridge asked a cheeky question of his colleague and AM newsreader Isobel Ewing on Thursday.

She has just completed Inshallah, a short film about her and co-director Georgia Merton's travels over hundreds of kilometres across Pakistan which will premiere in Wanaka next week.

Ewing told AM hosts Bridge and Laura Tupou it was "about changing perceptions of places like Pakistan, and those pre-conceived ideas, and how that gets turned on its head".

But she said originally the film hadn't been planned to be in Pakistan and she'd had to pivot after a request to get a visa for India was turned down.

"I forgot to apply for my visa until way too late, then they declined my visa," she said, before revealing she'd had to pivot after thinking: "What about Pakistan?".

Twelve hours later, Ewing's visa came through and she flew to Lahore for the journey.

However, despite hearing all the details of the planning and the preparation for the journey, Bridge had only one thing on his mind on learning Ewing and Merton had travelled thousands of kilometres on bikes.

"You ride your bike for thousands of kilometres at a time, do you get a sore bum?" he asked.

Laughing, Ewing said she "knew you were going to ask" before revealing that she had bought a pair of chamois shorts for the ride.

"I find that I'm just okay, my bum must be padded enough!" she joked.

Tickets for the Auckland screening of Inshallah are available on the Academy Cinemas website.

Watch the video above.