Review: The Marvels - cringey, or a blockbuster hit?

With very little fanfare, the latest big Marvel blockbuster, The Marvels, has just slipped into cinemas here.

I've been suffering from 'superhero fatigue' - so did Marvel's latest film awaken me from my slumber?

With so much love for Kamala Khan, also known as Ms Marvel on the small screen - and teaming her up with her idol and big-screen superhero superstar Captain Marvel - plus, chuck in Nick Fury and a few other hat-tipping Marvel cameos.

This is a fan-favourite fantasy league on a mission to please.

We also have Monica Ranbeau, daughter of Maria.

She somehow now has superpowers, and all of a sudden, we have an Avengers Assemble team of kick-arse women.

How brilliant is that?

I just wish they had a cohesive, coherent, less cringey blockbuster story deserving of them.

Our villain of the piece is Dar-Benn. 

And like most 'inter-gallective' egomaniacs, she's quite upset and hellbent on revenge and retribution for some pretty understandable transgressions to be fair.

Captain Marvel will need to confront her lone-wolf attitude to life and face the fact she could do with a little help from the superhero sisterhood to get the job done.

And then off they go.

Call me old-fashioned, but even with fantasy superhero tropes I still want to care enough to follow the journey and invest in the outcomes.

The Marvels lost me early and never won me back.

I genuinely feel sad and what I really hope is the crisp running time and the genuine fun they seem to be having would be a crowd-pleaser for the hardcore fans, regardless.

Two-and-a-half stars.